Close Enough for Jazz


What an astounding day on Sunday! Over 60 degrees, and sunny! It felt like late Summer. I was doing a little work outside/inside, and got to thinking about jazz. Really’, I said something our loud – the title of the post – that got me to thinking about it. Jazz tunes are largely based on studied improvisation. When something is good-enough-for-the-time-being, a popular musicianly phrase is “Close enough for jazz.” Meaning, “It’ll do.” 

That’s the current state of my Endless Cabin Project. The walls are done, except for a little stretch behind the piano. And some of the ceiling. But, it’s hardly horrible work, and I should have that part done soon. On the down side, the newest development is that even with the wall heater, it’s still kinda cold in there. I can turn on the big portable heater, but it’s a pain and it uses a lot of propane. Anyhow. With just the room heater – cold. Oh, it’s not over friends. I have to insulate the floor. 

I didn’t really ever mean the cabin to be a frosty Winter proposition, so I didn’t have it insulated by the builder. (Note to self – Plan ahead.) So, I have to insulate the floor. Or I could just get a woodstove, which puts out a ton of heat. Frankly, it might be less expensive too just get the woodstove. (Note to self – Add up cost of insulation, furring strips, and flooring.) Am I just telling myself that because I really want a stove? Probably.

000_2003Anyhow, it all worked out – A neighbor and I stirred up a barter – I mow her (small) patch of grass a few times a month next season, and she gives me all the 2x4s and plywood I need (plus the 8′ of leftover insulation she has). Awesome. All I’ll have to buy is the remaining insulation. 

All the same, it is awesome to have it mostly set up, and at least workable. As of last week, there were still big panels of insulation stacked against the walls, and the wood planks were taking up about a fourth of the space. Nowadays, even with the unfinished nooks and crannies, it’s pretty neat to hang out in there! I had me a right nice case of writers’ block in there today. 

I suppose I have another Winter project on my hands. Or, ya know, I could just buy that wood burner I want.



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8 responses to “Close Enough for Jazz

  1. cabin is looking so beautiful! You have put a lot of work in it and your talent shows. In the 70’s here and I am so wanting cold and snow.

  2. That is just gorgeous! But i am not surprised! You are amazing!

  3. It sounds like you have the Adirondack barter nailed down! And just go ahead and get the wood stove. You know you want it… and it’s a great way to use up all the down wood that’s lying around in your yard!

  4. what a welcoming room that is…. so warm in appearance,… i’ll be waiting to hear how you make it warm in temperature. Perhaps a propane space heater? Are the walls insualted?

  5. Alliedog

    It looks so cozy. Go ahead and buy the wood stove. You won’t regret it.

  6. Kat

    It’s beautiful. Looks like a museum in a way, too.

  7. hideawayhill

    The cabin looks wonderful… very inviting. I think you should get the woodstove too. You can’t go wrong doing so….you can always sell it or trade it later on if you want to do something different.

  8. Very nice! Go for the woodstove… nothing like it on a nice winter day. I miss them mightily. You come in, frozen solid… hug the stove for a bit, then move away as you get warmer. The smell, the sound… cozy firelight if you get one with a little window. I vote for the woodstove!

    I look at your cabin and think…. oooo… loom studio!

    How will you insulate the floor? L.

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