For the Birds

Picked up some suet for the chirpers this week. With the cold weather here, un-rendered suet can be put out for birds without spoiling. I noticed they had it in the meat department at the grocery store. A buck twenty for a big hunk. Pretty awesome. 

000_1996Should you not be privy – Suet is beef fat, and a pretty popular bird food. It’s excellent for attracting woodpeckers and starlings (two of my favorites). I have these little wire cages that the pre-packaged stuff fits inside, and I figured they’re fine for the natural stuff too. If you find yourself overrun with starlings (or otherwise) when you’re trying to attract woodpeckers, try putting the suet in a box with the only opening on the bottom. Most birds will not be very happy with the fact that they have to hang upside down, but woodpeckers will have no problem at all. Another favorite bird feeding trick of mine is the cheap-peanut-butter-in-a-pinecone thing. (Self-explanatory.) During the winter, it’ll freeze right up and harden. Awesome. 

As for squirrels and chipmunks – That’s a problem for someone far more wily than myself.




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3 responses to “For the Birds

  1. Trying to outsmart squirrels leaves me rocking in a corner in a pre-natal position. Have yet to find a way given my configuration of deck railing, trees, etc. to keep them at bay. I guess it’s time here, too, to get the feeders out.

  2. I can’t seem to keep the OLD Pine Cone-Peanut Butter feeder around…The SQUIRRELS & Raccoons just seem to take it away with them!!!
    Guess I too should be getting the suet feeders out (MAYBE after the Gusty winds were having today)
    My Best~Marilyn

  3. Yup, it’s time to get my suet out, too. I have some, still, from last year and need to get more this year. They love it.

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