Fowl Language

Some days are better than others.

This morning, I was sitting in the cabin. Something caught my attention outside, at about top-of-the-window height. Know what it was? A chicken. Standing there on the top of their high fence, walking around. Having a real chicken vacation! I went outside to plunk the silly bird down, and she hopped/flew to the roof of the coop. And then she hopped/flew to the roof of the cabin! Picture it – Me, standing outside in the morning cold, poking at a chicken with a 2×4, growling, “You better get down here, you $@%&@##&$ chicken, or we’re having a big dinner tonight!” 

Photo_111109_002There was an escapee yesterday too. Much the same story. So, time to do something about all this. They’ve figured out they can fly. Fine. Did I spend the day leveling out the rocks where the house used to be? Nope. Did I spend the day finishing up the cabin/studio so I can have piano students in there? Nope. I spent the day rigging walls and a roof on the chicken pen so the stupid birds won’t get out. Totally thrown together, and it still took all day. The bonus? It’s soooooo ugly it’s not even funny, and I hate looking at the thing.

Definitely getting torn down in the Spring. I have some logs I salvaged from the house. Maybe I can build more of a proper barn next year.



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10 responses to “Fowl Language

  1. My sister in law had the same problem. She ended up just using the same lightweight metal fencing she used for the sides and just laid a big piece across the top of the pen and secured it so they couldn’t fly out. She has another problem I hope doesn’t happen to you – some of her chickens bully and peck at some of the chickens. My sister in law has to put some kind of bad tasting stuff on the “bullied” chickens so the other chickens will leave them alone or they peck them till they have bald spots and bleed. They seem so sweet and docile, but they’re clever little buggers, aren’t they?

  2. amy

    Wow…who knew and good luck! Hope your efforts work.

  3. Doesn’t it seem that no matter how firm your plans are, the Universe has other plans for your day? At least you solved one problem…

  4. yep, Carole,… origin of the term “pecking order i’ll bet!”… SP..glad you got the girls corraled,.. even if it isn’t pretty. Don’t worry spring will be another story and you can rebuild. Until then the girls are safe.

  5. You could do what we did with our chickens to keep them from flying from pen to pen… clip one wing on each chicken. they can still fly up to roost but can’t fly high enough to get out. Just need to clip one wing about every 2 to 3 months.

  6. I was thinking of doing just that next Spring – clip one set of flight feathers, tear down the ugly pen, and build a nice (shorter) pen. I think it’s a good plan. And they’re safe for the time being.

  7. My chickens love to fly. They are so proud of themselves, as though it surprises them too. I just cover the top with a tarp and/or chicken wire to keep them in until I let them out deliberately.

    Carolyn h.

  8. I’m having flashes of “Chicken Run” – the claymation movie by the makers of the “Wallace and Gromit”, where the chickens spend all their time coming up with creative ways to escape. Ever seen it? Hilarious. It might be time to rent it…

  9. Seen it! And I LOVE Wallace & Grommit!

  10. They do love to fly! And they are so clumsy about it. BUT something you might want to think about–chickenhawks didn’t get their name for just being hawks. They like to pluck a few chickens from your flock too (pun completely intended). We cover the top of our run with chicken wire and that stops hawks and the occasional possum from finding a free lunch. We use a few boards to frame the top of the run, put some across to give some support to the wire, and then staple down the chicken wire. Keeps the chickens in , marauders out, and your peace of mind.

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