The Old Girl’s Gone

I guess we can’t quite call it official yet – I still need to get a load of loamy sand brought in to fill up the rubble hole, but it’s gone, friends. All 1500 square feet of it. The angles aren’t quite the same in the pics, but you get the idea. Our little patch here is maybe twenty feet wider on the left than the second photo shows … and it no longer features a big, ugly house!

The temptation to spend hours Photoshopping a new, Adirondack-style house into that second photo? Let’s just say it’s lucky I no longer have the program on my computer!





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4 responses to “The Old Girl’s Gone

  1. Congratulations! I’m sure there’s already that Adk-style home in your imagination…

  2. Hurray! You did it! Now the possibilities are endless!

  3. Alliedog

    Wow! Great job, congratulations!

  4. Wow! Congratulations! I also like your posting about the Snow Chickens and the Snow Puppy! LOL

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