Adirondack Snow Chickens

First (dubious) snow of the cold(ish) season this morning! Don’t quite know what it is about snow – I love it. I wake up with a little extra burst of energy. By 7am, I had already filled the water tank, let the chickens out, played with the dog, and taken a bunch of snow photos! Snow, friends, snow! Can’t wait for more! Seems like the chickens like it too. I’ve decided that instead of those tired old breed names like Red Star and Buff Orpington, I’m just going to call them Adirondack Snow Chickens. Here’s a few snaps from this morning …


Snow on the carriage.


Snow on the chicken house.


Snow puppy!


Snow on the fire pit.


Snow on the stone wall.


Adirondack Snow Chickens (a very rare breed!)



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11 responses to “Adirondack Snow Chickens

  1. Admit it.

    You’re dying to use that heirloom-quality snowblower.

    Will we be skiing in November this year? Hmmm?

  2. I love your dog! Is that a collie or a sheltie? i can’t tell his/her size from the photo. The dog looks happy, though!! My dogs love the snow, too. Let me know how your girls do in the snow. We haven’t seen any of that down here yet this season.

    Carolyn H.

  3. LOL – I haven’t been on skis in twenty years. And I ain’t starting again now. Okay, maybe. However, I do plan to be ALL OVER Mt. Pigah snow-tubing myself silly as much as possible! He’s a Sheltie, and actually a little smaller than normal – he was the runt. Poor spoiled thing!

  4. Corky

    Keep these pictures and comments handy for looking back on later this winter. LOL!

    The fire ring is the best thing you have done.
    I don’t mean talant wise.
    Many good times will be had around that thing.
    I hope you have plenty of wood.

    Light it and they will come!

  5. Check ’em out! Have to say, your snow chickens are cute! Have some wee experience with Buff’s from my parent’s place and I love them! Have wondered if I could do chickens on Cape Cod… not sure what the town regs are, but so fun to live vicariously through you for now! All the best! L.

  6. amy

    I hope your enthusiasm continues as the winter wears on. lol

  7. What do you know about the “Deer Meadows” development up the road?

  8. First ‘Snows’ are always the Best…
    Love the pic of your Snow Dog by the Fire pit…
    I’ve always enjoyed my fire pit the best in the fall and winter, a way to clean up the little branches in the yard and enjoy the aroma of the fire…

    ‘Snow Chickens’…maybe you can get them some Mini Snow Shoes!!!

    Enjoy Your Weather

  9. Mmmm…. I’ll check back with you about March 1st,… hee hee…. I truly hope that you can keep your great outlook all winter. My second job finishes in about a week, when we are both done with this coughing thing we must gtg with you two!

  10. themac

    LOL – I enjoy the photoshop comment!

    LOVE Rufus!!

  11. Incredibly interesting post! Truely.

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