Moving on to Adirondack Pleasures

The old house is now just a rocky hole in the ground, the rock wall along the road is built, the water line is heat-taped and buried,the last dumpster in gone, and I have a quote for a load of “dirty sand” to level out the big house hole. Am I preparing to settle down for a Winter full of rest and RV rum toddys? No way!

Now I can move on to some of the things that I moved here for in the first place! Oh, I’ve got all kinds of projects and pleasures on the docket for Chill Season. First thing will be finishing up the planks on the inside of the cabin, and then I’ll move on to re-configuring the chicken yard and fence – it’s going to all become more of a small barn. (Yeah friends, I consider this stuff fun.) 

castleIn the recreation department (you heard it here first), a few friends and I are planning on building the first annual Gabriels Snow Castle. Granted, we can hardly compete with the Ice Palace down the street, but we’re going to try for a fairly ornate couple of decent sized snow castles. If you dare me, I might even put lights in them. In an effort to educate myself of the building of such edifices, I did some looking around. We’re going to go with the snow-bricks-in-a-mold method, rather than the bunch-and-mold method. I had a lot of trouble finding info and pics of homemade snow castles out there on the internet, but I came across a few. Something along the lines of the thing pictured here. 

pisgahThe other biggee for the Winter season? We plan to spend plenty of time at our local town mountain, Mt. Pisgah. I think the fact that we have a small town slope – with a tow and everything – is the neatest thing ever. I’m a bit of a snow sports dilettante anyway, so a season of tubing on a small mountain sounds pretty good to me. (And heck, you don’t even have to walk back up the hill!)
Pretty neat, huh? Especially neat when it’s only seven miles down the road. There’s a little lodge at the base, and I think it’s a pretty cool place. We even drive up there in the Summer to take in the view.

What are your Winter plans, friends?



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4 responses to “Moving on to Adirondack Pleasures

  1. amy

    Oh…my winter plans are not as exciting as yours for sure but I sure would like to see the land that we purchased in Upper Jay and what it looks like in the cold of winter.

  2. 1. stay warm, 2. stay warm, 3. stay warm and during all that time,…. my granddaughter’s local high school basketball!

  3. Steve Early

    Sigh — I lived right on the other side of Mt. Pisgah and learned to ski there at the age of 6. Many nights after school I would rush to get all my homework done so my dad could drive me up there as soon as we were done eating and I would ski under the lights until 10:00 when it closed. When I started skiing there a season’s pass was $6 (subsidized by the Village).

    Enjoy your Adirondack adventure. It really is a teriffic place to live. I try to get back at least once a year to visit family up there.


  4. Alliedog

    I will plan on visiting your snow castle this winter when I head up north! I love the ice palace and am confident you will build something just as wonderful out of snow.

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