Pushing the Season

Well, we had an absolutely lovely Halloween here! Ended up with about twenty trick-or-treaters, and that’s an accomplishment in a tiny village like ours. We had walkers from our immediate area, and some folks even pulled into the driveway after they saw all the lights and fog. (Of course, we hit the fog machine pretty hard every time we saw a car coming by!)

Folks were very sweet – parents thanking us for going to the trouble, and even a group to teenagers hanging around to tell us how awesome it was … and, “You should do this next year too!”  Of course, our plans for a bigger and better haunt are already forming for next October! Here’s a live shot from last night – 

000_1935Absolutely stunning day on this November 1 in the Adirondacks – 40s and super sunny! I was outside taking the Halloween stuff down, and I had some pruning to do. We have mostly evergreen trees, so that left me with a nice bunch of spruce branches. Seemed like a crime to just toss them on the brush pile. I cleaned up my garden beds and covered them with the evergreens, and tucked a few branches around an old lantern and in the planter on the side of the cabin. A neighbor came by and said, “Christmas? Already!”  

 I have to admit I was thinking the same; but it stands to reason – Fall is pruning season, and it seems like the tradition of covering your flower beds with evergreens must have been a pruning thing – when you have the branches sitting around. My neighbor was not so convinced, walking away thinking I’m something akin to the stores in the mall – a Christmas in October nut, pushing the season.

Eh. I don’t care much. I think it’s pretty.



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4 responses to “Pushing the Season

  1. oooohhhh, creepy! hee hee! Love it!

  2. Ro

    I haven’t been by or anything in months. Things have been slowly getting back on track. I have missed visiting and keeping up and seeing how you all have been doing. Looks like things are really coming along nicely! So glad you had a wonderful Halloween. Hope your Thanksgiving plans get off to a nice start and I hope to visit more often again.
    Take care,

  3. ALWAYS love seeing what is going on in your new life as a homesteader.


    Sharon Lovejoy http://www.sharonlovejoy.com

  4. hideawayhill

    I’m catching up on your blog after being away and trying to catch up on my life. It looks like things are coming together very nicely for you. You appear to be quite ready for winter and even had time for a marvelous Halloween display. It looked great!

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