Happy Haunting!

Have a perfectly spooky time today, friends! Here are a few shots from our Frontyard Graveyard. Can’t wait to add a few more lights, music, and the fog machine tonight!






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4 responses to “Happy Haunting!

  1. What a ‘Wonderful Spooky’ Yard…
    Great Job…
    Hope the Wind isn’t too bad up there tonight…
    Lots of branches coming down this way…
    Happy Halloween…

    My Best~Marilyn

  2. Wow! That is really great! You guys really have a show place! I hope your day is full of lots of spooky fun!

    I’ve given you another one of those awards at my blog http://www.StarlightBlog.com Don’t worry if you don’t have time to do the whole award thing. This is actually sort of a group blog for all my followers.

    Have a Happy Halloween!

  3. if I hadn’t been sick with this dang ole cough and laryngitis I’d have driven over the mountain to see that! Been off work two days and may be even longer. 😦

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