Beholding the Cozy

Sometimes, one is so wrapped up in what one is wrapped up in, he or she forgets to look around and appreciate what he or she has. I think we can all agree on that.

I like to think that I’m the type of person that remembers that while our Adirondack Lunacy live-in-an-RV plan may be a little inconvenient at times, we really have it pretty good. There are many, many folks who are plenty worse off. Anyhow. You’re likely familiar with these sentiments. In a nutshell – Our petty annoyances are pretty much insignificant in the grand scheme of things. That part of my gratitude landscape is well-trod. However, yesterday I discovered a side trail on that particular topo map. I posted a Facebook update yesterday that made me realize something. Here’s the post –

” … had coffee with the chickens, hauled junk, lunch with a neighbor friend, and a rum toddy with another neighbor in front of a woodstove. Awesome. Now off to night-time work for a few hours.”

img_17741A year ago, I might see a country friend post something like this, and I would think, “Cool. I wish I could do that. Maybe someday.” I guess I have been so focused and busy with the vaudeville of tearing a house down by hand, I haven’t stopped to think about how the curtain has been raised on a new act. As I look back at that post, I feel like I am analyzing a script that turns out beautifully at the end of the second act. The chickens. The work on my own property on my own terms. The lunch at the little diner. The woodstove and rum toddys in the neighbors cabin. It’s totally all there. 

(He crosses to the RV. The lights dim. Curtain.)



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12 responses to “Beholding the Cozy

  1. ~**heartfelt applause**~

  2. just perfect…. for just the perfect friend. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  3. Corky

    Love the theatrical touch.
    My Granddaughter is and actress/dancer/singer and my Daughter is a costumer so I have been to many plays.
    Mostly summer theater.
    I do love it.

    It will get better and better when you can build that cabin to live in so you have the room to move around in.

    All in due time.

  4. Encore, encore!!! (I think you need to get one of those “life is good” t-shirts! You’ve now joined the club!)

  5. We recently agreed to terms on a house in the Adirondacks, and put our ‘city’ home on the market yesterday. Which means these are some exciting times for us… but also anxious and a little scary.

    This post was very comforting though. So thank you for it!

  6. Biff

    Hope you’re putting a second roof on that RV for when it gets cold!

  7. It’s just wonderful that you feel so content and well-pleased! Kudos to you for crafting the life you want!

  8. I love it…Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. I love it when good friends visit! 🙂

  9. Allidog

    You’re right, we have to stop and acknowledge how great life is.

  10. You have done it,…. left the city behind and although you can go there and visit you are now a north country guy,… appreciating what’s real and good. Life is tougher here, but it’s really better.

  11. Somebody wise said that happiness isn’t having everything you want, it’s wanting everything you have. Sounds like you’re good to go. Congrats on your great new life!

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