The .04 Acre Wood

I was chatting with a friend yesterday. We were talking about how here in the Northern Adirondacks, the time between Summer and Winter is nice while the leaves are turning … and then it seems pretty grey and dull until the snow comes. I decided I needed to take a walk to change my perception. 

There’s a little copse at the back corner of our property – so tiny that it’s really more of a little thicket than a “wood.” Still, I love it back there. It connects to my neighbor’s big chunk of woods, and it’s a favorite walk. Especially yesterday morning. When I came back out onto our front lots and houses along the road, it felt like I had been in a whole different world. 

Can we call this “the entrance?” This is the old fence (featuring an old bird feeder) between us and the neighbor. We can’t bring ourselves to take it down because we like it so much. Take a right past the fence, and you’re in. Welcome to the wood …










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6 responses to “The .04 Acre Wood

  1. I love that last picture, it really beckons me to go for a walk there.

  2. Beautiful pictures! We have our favorite woods walk too. We just can’t go there till after hunting season. You never know when you might run into a hunter. I’m missing it. The smell and everything is wonderful this time of year.

  3. Allidog

    Absolutely charming. What a peaceful little place.

  4. Such Great Pics…The ‘Woods’ floor almost reminds me of Maine…
    Lovely Autumn Colors…
    I too love the smell when I walk in the woods this time of year…Almost as good as the Spring aroma!!!
    Maybe you should wear something Bright Orange or Red to be on the safe side!!!
    The bird feeder has been there awhile and looks wonderful in its surroundings…Fits right in…

    Enjoy Your Days~Marilyn

  5. Beautiful! And I know what you mean about even a little woods feeling like a different world.

  6. Awesome woods! And now you are going to spend an awesome fall and and awesome winter in the place of your dreams … no more jealousy about reading posts from other people ….

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