Dishwater Day

Well, I had a folder full of photos on my desktop that I meant to use for posts. Most are from Summer, so seeing as we’re into Fall, it’s a Dishwater Day. You know … that stuff you have sitting around after you’ve cleaned up.

000_1766My neighbor and I call this “The Community Fence.”

We put the center post right on the property line, she’s on the right, and I’m on the left. (You can see the chicken coop way back there.) We each built “our side” out of salvage wood from the houses we each tore down. 

The pics below are all from the first frost – that first crunch and that last campfire seem a ways back now that the temps are truly dipping.






Note the pile of logs back there in the distance at the bottom of the photo. They’re from the log cabin we found under the house when we tore down the bottom floor.



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2 responses to “Dishwater Day

  1. I like the “dishwater day” concept. I seem to have a lot of those photos too, that I took planning to use on my blog but never got too. Yours are great. I love the fence that divides the two properties, but my favorite of all is the last photo. Light streaming through the trees or the clouds or over the edges of the hills… it is just a beautiful thing to see. Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. amy

    Great pics. A log cabin on the bottom of the house?? Interesting. Longing to get back up there.

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