City Boy Makes Good

I got a good chunk of the house junk gone yesterday, and did some more work on the rock wall. My awesome friend and demo guy is going to bash down the rest of the foundation next week. Past that, just a little clean-up afterwards. Yes folks, finally. We may not get the rubble covered up with fill dirt before Winter, but that big old junky 1500 square-foot, two-story beast-of-a-house should be completely and utterly gone inside of two weeks.

000_1303I ran into a few old photos today. You know what? I’m proud of myself. We started taking this house down in early/mid July. It took three months, but we did it on our own. Without a single backhoe or bulldozer. Just me and my friend, a jeep, a cable, a few hammers, and a saw. 

It is at this point that I am actually pleased to tell you that there were folks here who said City Boy simply couldn’t do it, that I/we didn’t have the skills, that I didn’t know what I was getting into. A few of those folks have recanted, and have even stepped up to say they’re proud of me. A few others have told me that I’ve really done a nice thing for this community. That’s awesome. I count these folks among my new friends.

The other ones? The ones who talked around corners, razzed my plans behind my back, scolded me for planting trees and tending grass before I had the house down, questioned my methods, offered unsolicited criticism, and have not bothered to consider that maybe they had City Boy pegged wrong? 

Well, you know I’m pretty gentle-hearted. I won’t say too much to ’em. However, I will be sure to point out that every single thing that I said I was going to do, is done. 



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6 responses to “City Boy Makes Good

  1. YOU GO City Boy!
    I am giving you a virtual “pat on the back” ’cause you deserve it! And don’t be shy about throwing in a few “I told you so’s”, you earned them! 🙂

  2. Good on ya, city boy!

  3. Corky

    And it is going to be awesome when you get it all done the way you have planned it in your mind.

    No…wait! You are doing a better job by just going with the feeling you get as you go alone. Like the wall.
    and the brush fence. It may rot over the Winter but you can just build another if it does.
    I had faith in you all along.

  4. You are rocking and rolling!! What’s next?!

  5. themac

    Oh, City Boy – you are a blessing to the community! Are you going to put the old cabin to use??

    BTW: we also planted grass seed before we had windows. They laughed until they say a beautiful, thick, lush green lawn beneath them. Keep ’em guessing!! Soon enough they will be taking notes from you!

  6. you know I voted for the “city boy” all along! Nice job, my friend!

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