Froze Hose

16F last night and we RV dwellers are still alive. And showered.

True, living in the Northern Adirondacks (where it will get much colder than 16F) it’s hardly a major achievement. But it’s a nice mile-marker all the same. Our tin home and The Life Recreational being the point, what I mean to say is this – Our water still works, the tanks are operable, and we didn’t expire from exposure last night.

3239166902_e4db5a1c7fAll the same, the water hose was frozen this morning. It was not terribly frozen, because the pump siphons the water back out when I turn it off; but there are still low points where water sits. A few minutes in the sun took care of things. The water hose will need heat tape soon, and I’ll wrap split foam pipe insulation around that. And then I’ll bury it. This all seems to be the standard measure, and most folks report than once taped and insulated, they really don’t have problems. Curiously the local hardware store doesn’t have the flat yellow garden hose-safe heat tape I need. Only the coil kind appropriate for pipes. Off to Plattsburgh, I guess. 

Furnace and indoor warmth factor? No problem at all. We’re warm and safe, and the only thing I really notice is drafty windows that need that shrink-wrap stuff put over them. 

The tanks (underneath) have not frozen at all; but I didn’t think they probably would. They’re pretty tough, and the whole RV is skirted in with 1″ rigid foam insulation at this point anyway. Sometime soon, I’ll put a lightbulb under there and make sure every little crack is sealed – toss some dirt around the bottom and all. When we get decent snow, I’ll pile the snow up around the RV. (An RVgloo?) Many people just use the vinyl fabric skirting, so I’m pretty confident about the rigid foam and a small heat source under there. Seems like we’re getting it all taken care of, and we may just escape without any broken pipes.

Not that I don’t have 45 gallons of water with a stock tank heater in reserve outside the front door!



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2 responses to “Froze Hose

  1. Allidog

    Best of luck to you this winter. I spent the week-end at our camp in Loon Lake and it was very cold. It sounds like you are on top of things.

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