Hobbits Live Here

We’re still in the middle of The Race to Winter here, handling heating and water issues, and getting the house as-gone-as-possible. Awesome working weather – 30s and mild. Yesterday’s project was “the front.” We still had 10′ piles of old house on each side and in front of the house. At this point, we’re down to one side. (Awesome.) Yesterday’s projects included hauling off that front junk pile, and beginning to build a rock wall. 


I’ve always wanted a rock wall. I think they look awesome – totally hobbit. So, I figured, as long as I have a rock foundation to take down, might as well haul some of those big boys out of the hole and build a short wall along part of the front of the property. What I’m doing is saving the 15′ of front foundation wall, building it higher, and adding 20′ on each side. 

The section of wall in the photo is the chunk I built yesterday – the original section is off to the right. Remnants of the old foundation are behind the wall.) I’ll pull some extra rocks out of landscaping, and the remainder will go in the hole where the cellar was. 

On the down side, I smashed a finger. (It’s not too bad.) On the up side, I love the wall. Awesome.



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6 responses to “Hobbits Live Here

  1. amy

    oops….Awesome rock wall! I’ve always wanted one also.

  2. your rock wall is cool, but I can’t quite tell what you’re surrounding (or keeping out). Is it for next year’s garden??

    Carolyn H.

  3. Corky

    Awesome wall…..
    Now…how bad do you hurt today?
    I assume the partner helped some too?

    With all this heavy lifting you must be building some cool muscles.

  4. Nope – curiously. I’m not enclosing anything. Mostly, it’s just decorative – a rock wall along the front of the property about 10′ off the road. I actually did it all myself, Corky! And for some reason, I’m not sore!

  5. Rick Brentlinger

    Speaking of Hobbit Houses, check out this one in the UK, built for about $5000.00

    Its well insulated and looks amazing!


  6. mary

    Absolutely lovely! But it does make me tired just looking at it…

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