Back in Action

And, here I am, friends.

downsized_1013090712I’m totally back into the swing of my little Adirondack charms-of-the-country world. That’s how it feels this morning anyway – the first snow outside is gorgeous, I tromped over through the blanketed evergreens to visit friends this morning, the dog romped in the fluff for a while, and I’m having my coffee and my toast by the window, watching the flakes come down. 

Yesterday was a little less idyllic – I finished up the clean-up and haul-off on one side of the house. But no matter. Today isn’t about reality. The flakes are coming down a bit harder as I type, and my only plans today involve snow-exploring and hot chocolate. 

The trip to Philadelphia was wonderful, and thanks so much for the well-wishes via comments here and Facebook friends. It was nice to have you with me. The show went nicely, and I got to play an awesome 9′ Steinway. Super fun. I’ll have a short video-of-questionable-quality up in a few days. Just a little tour of the space and a few notes on the big piano. 

downsized_1010091533Know what I really loved though? New Hope, Pennsylvania. I had never been, and a side trip with friends showed me what I was missing. It’s an absolutely gorgeous little town – super quaint and unlike many quaint downtowns – really quite bustling. Dozens of interesting stores, lots of variety, beautiful buildings, and a serious anchor in the form of a major regional theatre. With all these shops and restaurants, a few B&Bs, and the theatre – people everywhere. This place is a total destination. Anyhow. I was very impressed. New Hope is just about the best model of a revitalized downtown I’ve seen in a very long time. (Saranac Lake, where art thou?)


Are things good around here? They’re as good as they’re going to get, and that’s something to celebrate. It’s a beautiful day in the Adirondacks.



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6 responses to “Back in Action

  1. New Hope sounds wonderful!

    As of this weekend, there still wasn’t any snow in the southern adirondacks. But you could feel the chill of winter in the air. I know it’s coming soon.

  2. Glad your weekend went well, looking forward to the video-of-questionable-quality. 🙂 That pic of your yard in the snow is so quaint and picturesque! No snow down here yet, but we did turn on the heat for the first time last night. Enjoy the cocoa and snow, I’m jealous. 😛

  3. Corky

    Glad you are home and glad the play was a success.

    I missed you!

    I love PA.
    Milt is from there.
    Costs too much to live there though.

    Welcome home Friend!

  4. One of the most memorable weekends I’ve ever had was spent in New Hope. I love it! So glad you discovered its charm.

  5. Seeing your pretty snow is setting a harsh reality for me. Snow will be coming to northern michigan soon! (They had a light dusting earlier in the week.) New Hope sounds like a nice town!

  6. Waiting for the video! I’m so glad that the performance went well and that you had a great trip.

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