Playing With History

Friends, I’m in Philadelphia. 

Photo 6And don’t even think of going by to pester the girls (Miss Mona, Gwen, Shelley, and Doatsy Mae the chickens) – the neighbors are watching them. Said awesome neighbors are watching the dog and the hens, and we had a right nice drive down to The City of Brotherly Love. We’re at a friend’s home for the stay-over, and in the Edgar Allan Poe department, check out the Fortuitous Feline lodged here!

I think I’ve mentioned before – I adore Philadelphia. Absolutely adore it. Although, you’d expect as much, coming from a person who has watched the John Adams mini-series at least six times. Tomorrow, I’ll be in rehearsal at 2pm, and we’ll be performing the show at 7pm. I have to say, I’m more than a little excited. I do love playing it, and performing it on a 9′ Steinway is certainly better than a stick in the eye. 

I brought my Fl!p camera and tripod to video the show, but we perform it by candlelight and oil lamps only, so we’ll see if it comes out. Perhaps I’ll have some vid for you on Monday.

RittenhouseSquare1If you’re the curious history-buff type – We’re going to be playing in a space right on Rittenhouse Sqaure in the historic area, which is awfully cool. One of my favorite Philly places, along with Elfreth’s Alley. According to our friends at Wikipedia, “Rittenhouse Square is one of the five original open-space parks planned by William Penn and his surveyor Thomas Holme during the late 17th century in central Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.” 

You have an awesome weekend too!



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5 responses to “Playing With History

  1. Alliedog

    On my way to the adirodacks!

  2. As they say in show business… “break a leg!”… Wish I could be there to see this performance!

  3. meredith

    very cool…I am sure you read that they are going to give Poe a proper funeral in Baltimore?

    Creepy life-like replica!

  4. Have a wonderful & safe trip! Do you need me to babysit Shelley? 🙂

  5. meredith

    not sure when or how you are planning on driving back, but you are always welcome to pass through our town for an overnight!

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