Yin and Yang (and Tea)

Oh, Lordy, am I sick.

It’s just a cold, and I didn’t make much of it last post. I thought it would come and go nice and quick. (I didn’t.) But, I supposed that there’s not much to be said about being sick that everyone doesn’t already know. However, there are a few up-sides to this particular downside. I’m not trying to be relentlessly positive. Trust me, I’m miserable. But a few nice things did happen.

000_1851I went out last night to put the chickens in, not realizing how far in I was going to have to put them. Two of them (quite literally) flew the coop and were out on the edge of the swamp, totally having a chicken tea party, pecking away and snacking on the grass. I walked up to them and said, “Go home, you chickens.” And they did! They walked with me over to the gate, I swung it open, and they walked right inside the fence and into the coop. So, there’s a little blessing. I was more than pleased that I didn’t have a chicken crisis while sick and totally not in the mood. And, even better, the girls know where their home is. (However, I am totally putting a top on that fence!) 

Today, I felt a little more up-and-around. Still sick, but less sidelined. I have a lot to do around here outdoors, and I really can’t afford to be sick. So, since it was slush-snowing, I decided to do the sensible thing and stay in for a boring day of rest … again. Get better so I can get back outside full-strength and get the work done.

base_mediaI cleaned the RV. It was something to do, and besides, it’s much nicer to be sick in a clean, tidy home. While cleaning, I came across our collection of tea. I’ll admit we have a few Celestial Seasonings hanging around, but for the most part, we have a good collection of real tea. My favorites are St. James’ Earl Grey (brought back for us from London, although it’s pretty run-of-the mill over there), and Harney & Sons Holiday Tea (shop and tasting room right here in Millerton, New York – East of Rhinebeck).

Believe it or not, with the big move and our stuff being between here and the storage unit … I forgot I like tea. In fact, I love it. I have two tea sets in storage, but today I had to settle for a mug and a tea ball. I could totally be one of those teapot people. In fact, I think I could easily enjoy opening a tea house. Maybe I will one day. So, it was a good sick day. If only I had not finished my book about the Stately Ghosts of England earlier in the week! (It’s at this point that I admit that I am a blatant Anglophile.) 

In a few minutes, I’m moving on to Black Tea with Spices. Didn’t want to partake too early. Didn’t seem proper. Seems like more of an evening tea.

Do let’s be civilized.



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10 responses to “Yin and Yang (and Tea)

  1. Corky

    first I want to say how sorry I am that you are sick but glad you found the tea.
    Nice tea makes things so much better if you have to be sick.

    Second…umm..about the chickens..I don’t want to be an “I told you so ” but….

    Get better quick dear Friend.

  2. themac

    I love tea too! There was this wonderful place in LP that had loose tea and it was perfect. But, it’s now a wine tasting place. Ok, good trade off.

    Tea House/Piano/Veggie Stand/Petting Zoo – this area has gotten to you!

    B&B all the way.

  3. You’ve got me grinning about waiting for evening for that particular tea. I’m sharing your pain with a pesky cold too. Pushing myself to go to work. It’s not bad,… seldom sneeze, rarely cough,… but still feel like I’d rather be home under a fleece blanket. Maybe tomorrow,.. but no,… there’s fall work to be done. Oh well…..

  4. I tied a plastic tarp over my chicken coop. I had to poke a hole in it for rain to run through. I’d like to find a cheap, mesh tarp that fits. With that the rain should get through evenly. Haven’t found that yet.

    I hope you are soon over your cold!

    Carolyn H.

  5. I do not have a cold and do not want one but I really feel sorry for you as I hate having a cold especially when my nose is stuffy and I have to breathe through the open mouth. Makes me think I’m gathering more germs. Good luck with your lady chicks. I chased a good many of them in my younger years and don’t want to do it again. Can’t write any more,hands shaking terrible today.

  6. clip one wing on each chicken and they won’t fly away but still be able to fly up to their roost. Worked for us. Hope your cold is better. Have a great weekend

  7. Hope you were able to rest and recover over the weekend – hope you are feeling much better on this Monday morning! Looking forward to more updates on the “ladies”. 😀

  8. I hope you are feeling better! **Sending you virtual chicken soup**

    I also stopped by to invite you (and your readers) to sign up for my blog-a-versary giveway (http://countrylifewithcountrywife.blogspot.com/2009/10/blog-versary-giveaway.html) and to thank you for being there from the beginning!

  9. Take care of yourself! You’ve got snow already? So far we’ve avoided it. But I know it won’t be much longer down here either.

  10. Alliedog

    I just received my tea order. It’s pretty and tastes wonderful. Thanks for the tip!

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