The List

Well, folks – my camera is still out of whack. I’ll deal with that at some point soon.

The chicky-babes are good! The come out in the morning just like little school girls, and they go in at five each evening without me even herding them – I just go out and close the door. They seem to appreciate the cukes and apples, but the real hits are  broccoli and green grass. They seem to be warming up to my presence too. (Or at least, they seem to have started seeing me as a somewhat harmless food dispenser.)

This week, everything around here is about tucking in for the Winter. I have a cold, which is not optimal for outside work, and it’s been raining for three days besides. However, I still managed to get some things done today. And I managed to get things organized in my head, which is half the battle. 


  • The RV waste tank pipe is now connected directly to the septic tank. No more lugging the transfer tank around … over a pile of bricks and rubble. All I have to do is pull the lever to send the euphemistically-named black water to its septic destination.
  • The yard is cleaned up, annuals have been tossed, flower pots are put away, and chairs are sitting in a pile ready to go to the storage unit in Plattsburgh. 
  • One side of the house is almost clear of junk wood and house rubble. It’ll be done tomorrow.
  • Refilled the propane. We have about 80 gallons, which will hold us a while until we have the time and money to get a big house-sized tank. 

To Do

  • Finish up skirting in the RV with 1″ foam insulation, and spray-foam the seams. (Three sides done, one side left.)
  • Put a little ceramic heater in the hatch with the RV plumbing.
  • Put that window seal tighten-with-a-hair-dryer stuff on the RV windows. 
  • Finish up the insulation and planks in the cabin. 
  • Haul off the junk wood and rubble from the other side of the (used to be) house.
  • Move the logs over to line the driveway so people stop driving on my grass. 
  • Get the Halloween stuff and Winter clothes out of storage in Plattsburgh. 
  • Fix the windshield seal leak in the Jeep. (!)

So, ya know. It’s real life around here this week. It ain’t a barrel of laughs, but we’re fed, dry, and warm.


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6 responses to “The List

  1. You’ve got a lot done! You’ll be all prepared for winter. Now seriously – you sure not ONE of those chickens is named Shelley?? I’m just saying…..

  2. Better get crackin’. 31 degrees forecast for Thurs night in your area.

    I’ve still got some (a lot) of outside primer and painting which does not look like it will be done before cold hits. I can’t get myself to do just the primer, but may have to. House will look bad, but better than bare wood.

  3. sSounds like you really have a a full week ahead of you. I remember when we had our cabin getting ready for winter was a full time job. Do you have snowmobiles. Ours was not a maintained road at the time we had the cabin so they were the only way we had to get to the main highway. Good luck in your winter planning. I still have flower pots out but they will be coming in sometime this week. lilly

  4. ahhhh….. yepper,.. sounds like life in the north country! You are doing a great job!

  5. themac

    Do the ladies need a heater as well? Or do they provide enough heat for themselves?

    You’re an overachiever!

  6. Well, ya know, Shelley, there IS one hen than rminds me of you – She loves her little house and stays in there quite a bit – but when she’s out, she always totally exploring. I found her outside the fence last night! I’m going to have to call her Shelley.

    Mac – Most people don’t do anything heat-wiser. They’re fine on their own. I might buy a heated water dish so I don’t have to crack ice. That’ll provide a bit more warm for ’em. And I made sure the coop is nice and tight – no drafts.

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