Crazy for the Girls

Well, I bought two more chickens.

Long Story Short – The first Chicken Lady ended up coming up with chickens after I already had bought the four Red Star hens. Soooo, two almost-laying hens arrived in a kitty carrier this morning. One of the new ones and one of my Reds are going to a friend, so that’s cool. I’ll still have the same number of birds, but it was a nice chance to get another type of hen into my little flock.

orpMy original girls, even after just four days, were not happy. Especially not happy to have a big, fat, older Buff Orpington taking over their yard and their house. They got a little territorial – lots of clucking, and rather than just meandering toward treats as they usually do, they totally dove for them. Like little vultures.

With new sisters arriving this morning, we had quite a menu

Menu du Jour

Sliced Cucumbers
Laying Mash
Broccoli Florets
Rain Water



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4 responses to “Crazy for the Girls

  1. Oh! The Girls are Beautiful!

  2. wow,… I’ve not been working two jobs and not catching up on everyone’s blogs… look what’s happened at “the pines!”…. beautiful, you are absolutely beautiful, ladies!

  3. So, did the girls like the cucumbers?? mine have a sweet tooth–prefer berries and apples and such. And bugs, of course.

    Carolyn H.

  4. themac

    Envy – I want girls too!

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