Chickens are Chickens (The Musical)

The Ladies have arrived.

I am the proud new Daddy to four 12-week old Red Star hens. They just arrived, and they are scared chick-less. Perfectly normal – They were born and raised in a field with a lot of brothers and sisters. I’m sure they are wondering where they are and what’s going on.

I’m going to leave them in the Chicken Chalet for a day, let them have some time to grasp the fact that it is their new home. I’ve also been going out every half-hour and taking them an apple. (I find that bribery with delicious treats works on most species.) It also sort of helps to sing to them a bit – quietly and gently. Follows, their personal song. I think I’ve sung this to them ten times already this morning. Can you almost hear me coming up the walk to the Chicken Ranch, opening the gate, opening the door, and singing gently to the birds? It’s totally a musical.

Chickens are chickens.
Chickens lay eggs.
Chickens are chickens.
You gotta catch them by the legs.

Don’t worry. I don’t really catch them by the legs.

chicken2And … my camera crapped out. I got some photos of The Ladies, but now the camera won’t work. If I get it to work later today, I pop some pics up. Meanwhile, here’s a pic of an adult Red Star. (Mine look exactly like this one, honestly.) Red Stars are a laying breed, a cross between Rhode Island Reds and Leghorns. Prolific layers, cold-weather hardy, and gorgeous too.

You have a great day too. Time to take The Ladies an apple.



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6 responses to “Chickens are Chickens (The Musical)

  1. Good Luck with your ‘NEW’ family…
    They’ll be fine & dandy in No time…
    My friend had Chickens and her daughters wheeled them around in a baby carriages dressed up in bonnets…
    Go Figure…
    Wishing You A Fine Day…

  2. Don’t laugh, but the song that comes to mind re: the chicken ladies is the song “Pick a Little, Talk a Little” from the Music Man. 😀 I hope the ladies settle into their lovely new chalet in no time.

  3. congrats on the chicks! You are going to have lots of chicken adventure stories to post now. sorry I missed your call. Will try to give you a call tomorrow or Friday as things are busy around here at the moment. Take care!

  4. Looking forward to Chicken Adventures. And I love the cute little chicken house! Party on!

  5. meredith

    I immediately thought of People are People by Depeche Mode. Thanks, now I have that song in my head! Cute birds! I am sure they will grow to love their palace in the Dacks.

  6. Hmm, I haven’t given my girls apples yet. I’ll have to try that tonight. I can confirm that they are crazy for blueberries. They would knock an old lady down for a blueberry.

    My girls are good flyers, too. One of them flew up onto the clothes line the other day and sat there swaying back and forth, happy as can be until I walked by and plucked her off.

    Good luck with the ladies!
    Carolyn H.

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