Anatomy of a Chicken House

Sorry folks. Had a few bad internet days there. The good news is that the internet is back, and my camera is fixed.

Big doings around here this week! We had our first frost, I’m well into my Fall prep, and … the chickens are coming Wednesday morning! Plenty to post about this week, and I have some awesome pics to show you throughout. Today, I covered the new patches of grass with some extra straw I had, and it totally feels and looks like Fall around here. However, in celebration of my avian arrivals on Wednesday morn, today is about their new home. A few folks asked how I put the thing together. Here ’tis – Anatomy of a Chicken House.








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4 responses to “Anatomy of a Chicken House

  1. I’m impressed with that Chicken house! Looks great! Now what are we going to name the chickens??? 🙂

  2. You’re a lot more ambitious than I am. My girls (8 Golden Comets) are housed in a 6×6 chain link dog kennel with a rabbit hutch for nest boxes. I’ve covered the top of the dog kennel with chicken wire and a tarp. I’m not sure if that’s to keep critters out or to keep the girls from flying out.

    When I get home from work in the evening I let them out to run around, which they love. I have to keep an eye on them so they don’t run into the woods. I’m afraid a fox or one of the raccoons will take advantage of an easy meal. The girls come when I call them. Of course, they’re expecting a free handout when they arrive.

  3. Corky

    Phil, if you notice, your fence is no higher than a roost or laying nests.
    those chickens will be out of there in a heartbeat.

    One day is not long enough for them to know that is home either.
    You will need to tarp the top or something to keep them in.

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