On the Red Carpet

Well friends, it was a glamorous evening in the Adirondacks.

In most cases, a glamorous evening around here means flannel, ripped jeans, and boots or Crocs. For this occasion, I did step it  up a bit – I didn’t eschew the ripped jeans, but I left my flannel at home. We went over to a gathering of the (shall we say) artistically and socially enlightened at BluSeed Studios last night, and let me tell you, it was grand. An awesome little potluck, just down the road a piece.

The evening brought two main challenges. First, I would have to actually mix at a mixer. (I’m usually very shy.) Second, I would have to be in a room with a piano, and resist the temptation to flee to the keys, and play showtunes. (Should you not be aware of my mania, I am prepared to take an oath stating that I watched YouTube videos of both Liza and Patti LuPone yesterday afternoon.) However, with such wonderful company to distract me, I was successful on both counts – I talked to lots of neat folks, and I didn’t run for cover at the piano even once.

First off, BlueSeed Studios is awesome, and shame on me for not having visited sooner. It’s just the coolest place ever. A really lovely coda to a great Friday. Electric service and the opportunity to meet lots of neat folks all in the same twelve hours. Can’t do much better than that. So, thanks to National Grid, the organizers of the event, friends who suggested we attend the gathering, and Bluseed for such a nice Friday. You all very well may have saved my sanity.

Shall I propose an Adirondack version of Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball? Awesome. It would definitely have to be at BluSeed, and we’d have to provide the event with a proper woodsy moniker. Maybe The Flannel and Boots Ball?


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5 responses to “On the Red Carpet

  1. How about the “Black FLY Ball?”…. held in the spring to coincide witht he first hatch? Ya,… had way too much coffee today. I have not been to BluSeed. It’s an hour there and an hour back to my place probably late at night so I don’t do much socially around SL. Sounds like I’m missing something, eh?

  2. Corky

    Glad you got to have such a wonderful time.
    May you have many more!
    Sounds like you guys are really in the right spot for you.

  3. Corky

    Hey, how do I get rid of that blue sad face on my posts.
    That is just NOT me.

  4. You’re shy? Yeah, right.

    Socially enlightened people scare me sometimes.

  5. There’s been a “Black Tie, Black Fly” ball up in Malone… dunno if they’re making it an annual thing…

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