The Electric Slide

It’s a grand day a The Pines, folks.

smartmeter-v01-phoOur electric service was connected today. Yep, the final castanets of The Extension Cord Mambo have sounded, and now we’re doing the Electric Slide. We’re all plugged into our very own electric meter.

Funny thing being, it’s been on for three hours, and the meter has yet to click even once. I’m guessing that because our fridge and lights are super RV efficient (evaporation fridge and 12v lights), we hardly use any power. Sort of a happy accident. Until we start running the electric heaters and the microwave, anyway.

Most of all, this all means convenience. I never thought I was much bothered by a lack of convenience, and perhaps I wasn’t. However, having the refrigerator on and the microwave working and not having a generator chugging or a cord running to my neighbor’s house, well … it’s just glorious. Heck, I can even use the crockpot if I want to!

Honestly, I feel real. Like we actually exist here.



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8 responses to “The Electric Slide

  1. Congrats! Makes you really appreciate how your ancestors accomplished all they did without power, doesn’t it?

  2. Enjoy your electric blanket this evening!

  3. Yea on the electricity! Glad you’ll be able to use a crockpot – a necessity for winter cooking!

  4. Corky

    It says it is a smart meter…
    If you are using power and it doesn’t know it, it is not all that smart if ya ask me!

  5. Maybe you have one of those “special” meters that never changes? That would be a bonus.

    Modern conveniences are so unappreciated until you have to go without. It’s fun for awhile, but now you are fully in action.

    What other major infrastructure items do you have left?

  6. amy

    Getting electric is big!

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