The Little Things

Well, it’s the little things. Isn’t it?

I’m the kind of person that is sometimes set off by the small stuff. Just sometimes. Generally, I roll with the punches. Even big broadside punches, the kind that knock most people to their knees. Mostly, I’m pretty tough. Emptying the euphemistically named Blackwater Tank into the septic line? No problem. I’ll even smile while doing it. Not leaving the property for weeks at a time because our stupid Jeep is in a constant state of repair? Easy. It is what it is. Being in a constant bloody state of cut/stabbed/punctured by errant nails and prickly boards? Part of the game. Doesn’t bother me.

However, sometimes, the little things get to me, totally setting me off on a tear. Perhaps my subconscious needs a break every so often. Perhaps it is sometimes actually looking for something to be crabby about.

Here are a few thing that stuck in my craw this week …

A morning gig I have next week requires reading and prep. I’ll be thankful for the few bucks. I agree to it. And then I find out I’m not going to get the reading material until the night before I have to be there at 9am the next morning. And I have to work at the store that night. So, (I guess) I am expected to go in unprepared, via the sheer laziness of the group leader, and at his convenience. Furious, but I didn’t back out. However, my noggin is today telling me, “You won’t be taking work for them again. Ever.”

Another Similar Case – I got a message asking if I would like to play a show (piano) sometime in the Fall. I said, “Sure. But be sure let me know when. I have commitments in the Fall.” The person proceeds to put it together without speaking to me again, and tells me that It will be the few middle weeks in October. During the Poe Thing in Philly, which I have been committed to for six months, contract signed. He explains that he was really counting on me and could I “get out of the Philly thing?” I said no, I could not “get out of it,” and that in fact, “this is my work, and I do not cancel commitments.”

Do people think I am just sitting here whittling and spitting and waiting for them to come ask me to do something for peanuts? Get your houses in order folks. Can I get on my high-horse for a few seconds? Professionals are prepared, and expect the same from others.

So, I get angry. Then I think. I’m not any less angry, but I think. In these cases, I wonder if I am being unreasonable. Expecting people to cater to my whims too much. Then I remember that I am one of the most reasonable people I know. But maybe I am expecting too much of people. So I stew. And I marvel at the lack of consideration, and the fact that people usually do not think about how their actions, even the little things, affect others.



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10 responses to “The Little Things

  1. mary

    “Then I remember that I am one of the most reasonable people I know.” Isn’t that always the truth!?

  2. You say: “Professionals are prepared, and expect the same from others.” Absolutely,.. no question about that. You have a right to be miffed at the obvious lack of professionalism.

  3. Corky

    No, you are not over reacting.

    Professionalism sat aside, it is just common courtesy.

  4. themac

    Veggie stand combined with a piano concert or lessons…therefore you don’t need your ever-broken jeep nor people who fail you.

    But, on a positive note: Hasn’t the weather been great?!? (that’s me, always turning the rock over just in case there’s something neat under there)

  5. I’ve been on a mini-rollercoaster ride last few weeks – not over yet.

    Professional means more than just being paid. To me it also implies a mastery of the task and concern for clients and vendors.

    You, my friend, have every right to feel upset.

    Oh, and I’d have to agree w/themac, the weather has been absolutely Autumntastic!

  6. Sec

    Your feelings are completely justified. I treat people with respect, am always prompt (and if I HAVE to be late, I call) and give plenty of notice for everything, if possible. I expect the same from others, and can get quite ticked off when I don’t get it. It’s a simple matter of courtesty and respect. Which is in short supply these days.

    Just found your website. Excited about finding time to read your back postings.


  7. Take your Jeep to Tim’s (across from the SL Fire Dept.). It will be fixed right the first time at a fair price by certified mechanics.

  8. We’re going to Tim for the inspection – Ted suggested the same. Got wrapped up with this other guy first, although he seems to be pretty honest and gets the job done well. Anyhow. Now that we know – Tim for the inspection and in the future for other repairs.

  9. Sarah

    No you aren’t being unreasonable. It’s a sad state that most folks are in nowadays. Mean what you say, say what you mean! Common courtesy and professionalism seem to be falling by the wayside along with decency and good manners!

  10. hideawayhill

    Of course you are not unreasonable to expect basic courtesy. Then there’s the matter of ethics and personal responsibility. I suppose if you don’t expect anything you get a surprise when you find people with these qualities.

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