No Business Like Show Business

Well, you folks know how loathe I am to bore you with my personal non-homesteady and non-Adirondacky business … but since my friend Corky asked …

It’s that kind of day. Busy, busy. Not good busy – computer screen busy. We’re getting together a schedule and travel arrangements to rehearse a musical that I wrote the score for, which will be going to Philadelphia in October. Doesn’t sound too too challenging, travel arrangements, except you might remember – we’re not sure of the condition of the Jeep and such. Anyway. It seems to be working out.

halling_portraitConsequently, it’s also been time to get the printwork for the show together – programs and such. And we decided that it was time to opt for a new blogsite for the show. Sooo, I’ve been chained to my computer for a few days, html codes ablaze. What? I didn’t tell you what this thing I wrote is? It’s a serious-minded chamber musical about the life of Edgar Allan Poe. (Yes, yes. I know. A musical about Edgar Allan Poe sounds silly. But it’s not that kind of musical. Poe’s not exactly la-di-da-rah-rah.)

It’s curious. What with all of my activities lately involving digging and planting and ripping and tearing, jumping back into (even just a few minor) show responsibilities has me a bit rattled. But I know it’s just in my head. Luckily, the show’s ready and “in the trunk,” and all we have to do is take it back out and dust it off.

In October, Poe’s birthday bicentennial is being celebrated with a conference in his sometimes-hometown of Philadelphia, and we’ve been hired to bring the show down to them – even have a neat performance space in Old Town right on Rittenhouse Square. It’s really pretty exciting. I’m very proud of the score. (Working with Edgar Allan Poe as a lyricist ain’t to shabby either.) Should you like to hear a few snippets of some of the music I’ve written (or if you’d like to hear me play the piano), check out the media at the new blogsite –

We have some kinks to work out, but I don’t think my writing compatriot will be too too irritated that I’ve let the Black Cat out of the bag.


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6 responses to “No Business Like Show Business

  1. I’m impressed! Seriously!

  2. Meredith

    Very cool! I love the pieces. Are you singing too?

  3. LOL Oh, trust me – You don’t want to hear me sing. That’s Ethan, who plays Edgar Allan Poe in the show.

  4. Corky

    Very cool and very timely.

    I have a very thick leather bound volume of his works and read many of them but some are too… ummm…..spooky will do.
    morbid is another word that comes to mind.

    The Raven was my favorite. I use to know the whole thing by heart.

    The man was very talented and very N U T S!

    I guess many very talented people are, or were.
    (not you of course) LOL!

    Just in time for Holloween.

  5. I for one am not bored at all by you talking about other subjects besides all things Adirondack. I would enjoy hearing about what other things you have going on too – don’t think we only like you ’cause you’re “Adirondack-y”. 🙂 The Poe musical sounds very interesting and unique. I’d enjoy hearing more “tid bits” about what theater things you have going on. My 2 cents. 🙂

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