Hyper Local Fauna

I am sitting in the sheddycabin this morning, laptop in lap.

chipmunks7The usual morning routine. So, I’m Twittering a bit, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a movement by the open door. I look over, and I see that I have a visitor (and it’s not the electric service inspector – he’s due at 9:30). A chipmunk! Some days, I adore the Adirondacks more than other days. I offered a little “Tch, tch, tch,” and “Hi, Chippy!” He stayed for a few minutes, and then decided he’d probably be more comfortable under the cabin. So, yeah. I have another chore to add to my Get Ready For Fall list … build a Chippy House. It’ll keep the little cuties around … and it will keep them out of my cabin. Best of both worlds.

duckwingpairfeb09In other critter news, my Chicken Lady dropped by a few nights ago. (I call her Chicken Lady because she raises and sells chickens … not because she’s a monster chicken-human hybrid.) She’s going over to Vermont on Sunday to check out some Easter Eggers (Araucanas). There’s some contention and nitpickyness surrounding this type of bird, because there are so many crosses and sub-varieties, but really, I don’t much care what exact kind they are, long as they’re hens and good layers. Doesn’t hurt that they’re gorgeous birds. From what I’ve read, the buff colored birds are generally a little more docile that the silver/black ones. Anyhow. I’m sure I’ll just end up calling them “Easter Eggers” anyway.

eggvariationssmallAnyhow. “Easter Eggers.” Here’s why. They’re not a recognised show breed, because they don’t conform to particular breed standard. They’re more of a variety, and here’s where the name comes from – They lay colored eggs. Is that not awesome? Generally, shades of pinky-brown, green, and blue-purple. The egg color alone is enough to make this a cool breed of chicken (people love the colored eggs), but to add to this, they also display a huge range of feather color – lots of color per bird. They lay large to extra-large eggs, and are fairly prolific. They’re Winter-hardy, and pretty friendly.

So, I’ve finished buttoning up the chicken house, the door is on, and I’m putting rocks around the fence base. We’re all ready for the girls arrival. Shall we take bets on what colors of eggs I’m going to end up with?




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4 responses to “Hyper Local Fauna

  1. Beautiful colors on those eggs.

  2. I’m thinking “winter hardy” is an important characteristic for your chicken choice.

    And yes, the eggs are fabulously cool!

  3. Love chipmunks! I had an office chipmunk last summer. Some major landscaping disasters ran him off. I miss him!

    Can’t wait to see your eggs! Are your chickens going to run around a bit?

  4. mary

    lovely eggers! i can’t wait to hear how they taste.

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