Know what this is? Maybe the entrance to a long-forgotten cave? An irrigation canal? The approach to an ancient ruin? The road leading to an underground city? Something you might find in an Indiana Jones film?


Nope. It’s a close-up of our new electrical service trench. The new service is going in this week! That’s right folks – soon, the roar of the generator will be no more, and we will be able to plug in whatever we want, no matter how much power it uses! (As the temps here start to drop into the 30s, an electric blanket comes to mind.) The new pole went in last week, our crack electrician dug the trench today, and the service pedestal is going in tomorrow. We’ll likely be hooked up by Friday. Our electrician is an awesome guy, and does super work. And he’s neat too. Pretty tidy trench, no? Look at that sodl!




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7 responses to “Entrenched

  1. That is the NEATEST trench I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve seen a lot of construction, and I’ve NEVER seen anyone bother to save sod. I’d put this photo on angieslist! What a great job he did!

  2. the gas for the gen will now be saved, but the NYSEG bill will arrive. no justice, is there? So glad for you that things will be a bit easier from now on!

  3. I feel I should relate a tale of an outstanding electrician and an Adirondack inspector. When we turned over the service in Wilmington from 100 to 200 amps (am I saying that right? anywho…), our electrician was a friend who did everything way above code and beautifully. The inspector came out and FAILED us because he didn’t recognize how incredibly great our electrician had done the job. (I know, I know details would be handy, but it was all Rich’s deal and I don’t recall the exact bits. Anywho again…) Rich had to call the inspector and explain what the electrician had done. The inspector wanted to charge us a second time to come out and look at the job. We refused to pay him for a second trip because he didn’t know what he was looking at the first time. He eventually returned and passed us. This is all to say that if you get too far above code in the Adks., it can get dangerous.

    I hope you’re snug under your electric blanket Friday night!

  4. themac

    Amazing how simple things can really brighten up your life! Like last week when we got our Certificate of Occupancy!!!!!!

  5. Beeeauteeful trench! Even better: electricity!

  6. hideawayhill

    Wow! That is a fabulous trenching job! We went 8 years w/o electricity and I remember the excitement and joy of finally getting it. Enjoy every second!

  7. Wow. The first photo is all artsy and stuff. Cool! But, the second! I love the way he lifted the turf off in little squares. If I need a trench dug, will you give me his name and contact information? He looks worthy of importing to TN! 🙂

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