Nobody Here But Us Chickens

Stupid chickens.

The chickens haven’t even arrived yet, and I keep working on their little Chicken Ranch as if it were a palace waiting for a royal family. We’re waiting to populate the place until things calm down here a little bit. Good for the chickens, I suppose. The longer their little estate sits here, the more work I do on it, and the fancier it gets.

The latest installment – I remembered I had a pile of broken terracotta from the chimney sitting around, and I needed to line the bottom walls of the pen with something. Their chicken yard now features a terracotta border, and is coming pretty close to looking like someone’s fancy garden. And their are solar lights and a small panel on the roof of the coop!


And hey, by the way – Thanks for being here. I honestly had no idea that my little “slice-of-life” blog would be, well … much of anything. But we’re at about 25,000 visitors since I started here in March, and that’s pretty neat. Thanks! Visit often, and comment much – I love it when we get a dialogue going, and I’ve met some pretty awesome friends and neighbors here. It’s a great day at The Pines, and you have a great day too!



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7 responses to “Nobody Here But Us Chickens

  1. Pat/Texas

    Hey…I visit it every single day (sometimes more when you don’t post. lol). I love your blog and love watching you get established. Thanks, Pat

  2. Hey, Thanks Pat! We’re getting there – one step at a time, pushing ahead, and averting disaster(s)!

  3. mary

    this is coming along nicely. those chickens are gonna be spoiled!

  4. Calista


  5. Allidog

    I love reading your blog. Thanks for writing!

  6. Hope those chickens appreciate you when they finally arrive! =)

  7. themac

    I wonder how Rufus will react to the chickens.

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