Am I That Predictable?

Did you totally know I would have a terrific first day back home and follow up with a totally positive post?


It goes well, folks. Very well. Yesterday was a awesome day. To merely say that I was happy to be home among the farms and hills of my beloved Franklin County is a gross understatement. So let’s not dwell on the weekend. Whatta ya say? I’ll leave it at this – We have a hole to dig out of, but it’s not as financially disastrous as we thought. We have two cars to fix, and we charged a ton of hotels, food, and gas, but it’s not a total  disaster. More to the point of today’s post, let me play-by-play my Glorious Monday for you.

  • 7am In the morning light – the house is almost gone! Seriously!
  • 9am We discover we do still have a considerable amount of ready cash.
  • 11am A very good friend we haven’t seen in a year stops by – very sweet.
  • 12pm Two different folks over at the store tell me how nice it’s looking.
  • 2pm I learn that an acquaintance does exhaust work (Jeep) real cheap.
  • 3pm Got a plan together to lose the huge lumber piles I was worrying over.
  • 4pm The electrician comes by – our service is going in late this week!
  • 5pm Beers with the neighbors – kindness and commiseration.
  • 6pm We look at the credit card statement – it’s really not that bad.
  • 7pm Ordered a dumpster to get rid of the final piles of house trash!

And that, my friends, is the kind of day you want to have when you’ve just stepped out of a weekend’s worth of bad luck and misery. Now, I have to get to filling that last dumpster. You have a great day too!


It’s a mess, but the beast is gone. There used to be a house there!
Starting to look like our property actually has some promise!



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9 responses to “Am I That Predictable?

  1. The property does look nice–and the beautiful blue sky is pretty great, too!

    Carolyn H.

  2. Way to turn things around.

    And extra Cash ain’t bad either!

  3. Way to go, you two! I’m up to my eyebrows in alligators after playing all summer. Time for me to get busy now. You have worked hard all summer and now you can have an easier fall. Isn’t the Adirondack way of life grand?

  4. Amy

    Looking good. Property is looking really nice!

  5. Good things come to good people and you two are the best. Glad things are turning around. 🙂

  6. That’s what makes you a true homesteader. You take what you have and work with it. Good on you! I am glad things are looking up–and the house is gone? really? How cool is that!

  7. themac

    awesome and amazing!! I won’t know where Ted’s Mall is anymore since my landmark was that green-ish on the edge of the road.

  8. So glad you’re back where you love.

    I’m always taken aback these days by how glad I am to be ‘home’ again in the North Country after trips away… I’m in danger of becoming a hermit.

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