Epic Post Pending

I tell ya folks, the last four days could easily qualify as a movie or a book as Cedar says. If I were going to classify this new film, I’d say it would probably be a thriller. (I figure that’s what a movie is when you avert disaster several times.) Suffice it to say, I am cleaning up the RV today, and starting the damage control. Wish I had time to make a movie! Ha!

Anyhow. Believe me … it got worse. Not disaster worse, but plenty of “You are going to be tested every single minute until you get home and pull into your crappy driveway” worse. Fear-and-loathing-on-the-highway worse. “Are we going to make it home in one piece?” worse.

But we’re home. Much poorer. Plenty shaken. But home is home, and it feels awfully good, humble as it is.

Epic post coming soon. And it’s going to be a doozy.



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5 responses to “Epic Post Pending

  1. Phill, I know it was a rough and expensive trip. I wish I could have been there on your arrival to make it less stressful. You and Jonathan were in my thoughts and prayers all weekend

  2. Sorry to hear about all your trouble! We had a whole rash of car woes last year, including a Jeep towed to a place in the Bronx. We know.

  3. Amy

    Oh my…sorry. Glad you’re home though. ~amy

  4. Well at least you’re home safe! I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!!

  5. So sorry your had a bad experience….but so glad you are home and safe now.

    I need to catch up..it’s been far too long since my last visit.

    I’ll be in your area on Saturday…getting the kids ready to head back to Paul Smiths…classes start Monday :).

    Have a great day,

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