Transmission Not Received

Didja ever have one of those days?

One of those days during which you are sure that in addition to losing your sense of humor, you may just flee into the night? That’s not just yesterday – it’s this whole weekend. Seriously. However, since the place I would run away to is our RV in the Adirondacks, I suppose I might as well just stay on task.

Thursday – We head way-South to meet Southern Mechanic that fixed our Jeep, so we can give him his van back. In The Bronx (of all places), the transmission on the van goes. I am at a relative’s house with the dog, partner is stuck on on the Bronx River Parkway. Cops. Smoke. Expensive tow truck. Garage in which no one speaks English. (I’m not kidding.) I get The Call.  I throw up. (It’s what I do.) We decide to bring the car back to the relative’s house, because we can at least put it in the driveway behind a tall fence in a decent neighborhood.

Meanwhile, the Jeep is still in Southern Mechanic’s posession. He is irritated. He is no help. At all. In desperation (I suppose), he tries to sell us the van for $1400 plus the repair bill, which will likely be another $1500. (Not an option.) However, we do feel that it is our responsibility to fix the van, since it was in our posession. Southern Mechanic acts like we are going to screw him. He does the whole, “Well, I hope I can trust you,” thing. As if we’re not being completely stand-up by paying a few thousand bucks to replace the entire transmission on his stupid van. I can swallow a lot of things, but being assumed dishonest is not one of them. Especially when I have proven myself otherwise.

We rent a car from Newark Airport. The one tiny piece of luck in all of this is that we have a free rental day. However, with a hefty repair bill for a van that is not ours pending, and a van owner acting like he’s getting the short end of the stick, well … ya know.

In the light of Friday at the relative’s home, I’ve realized a few things though. Stuck down here in the city, even with cable, normal electricity, coffee with Regis and Kelly, water pressure, and reliable internet …  I want to go home. Bad.

Home to the Adirondacks.



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9 responses to “Transmission Not Received

  1. I was going to say I was sorry we didn’t meet up this weekend, but it sounds like you were in the midst of a terrible weekend! Perhaps another (better) weekend in the future.

  2. Wow! We do have it good up here in the Adirondacks.

    Hope it works out for ya.

  3. themac

    Cars suck! Especially at the back pocket.

    I got lost in the Bronx once. Called my friend for help. He asked, “where are you?” “At a gas station.” “So go ask for directions.” I already tried that – no habla english.

    Come home soon!!

  4. reneé

    that is not just “one of those days”, that is “one of those epically unbelievable days”.
    get this guy back to his sheddy-cabin, pronto!!!
    (good luck)

  5. Um, probably a dumb question, but why does a mechanic own a van with a bad transmission? And why does he want someone else to fix it?

    I hope the weekend is an improvement. You certainly don’t deserve to be treated like that. It happens to me, too: people act like I may steal something, when I’m the person that returns money I find in the store. No kidding. I know exactly the indignation you feel. ((hugs))

  6. This is rotten luck. I’m with country wife–I think the tranny was bad when you borrowed the van. They don’t just go out–they have problems before they die. I’m wondering about this mechanic. He can probably get a replacement transmission for $700 and put it in himself. We just put one in our truck and it was $650. You should list his name on your blog so others know to avoid him.

    Now just think about the pleasure of being back in your own home, with the loons calling and soft breezes blowing.

  7. Oh, nooooo! What an awful situation. I’m with some of the others. It’s not a game of “hot potato.” Whoever happens to be driving with a part decides to crash shouldn’t have to pay for it. But, you have to do what feels right to you. I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

  8. I wish these dang things had a post editor!

    It’s supposed to be “Whoever happens to be driving WHEN a part decides to crash….” Sheesh!

  9. you are now a full fledged Adirondacker…. when you want to be back here instead of in the city. So sorry to hear about the tranny problems and the idiot owner of the van. Are you writing a movie or play about all of this? hang in there neighbor!

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