Awesome Adirondack Evenings

You know, amidst the rubble, after raking up pieces of roofing from the grass, past picking up glass fragments, on the other side of carrying around piles of boards, and post dumpster-filling, it’s pretty awesome around here.

Monday evening for instance. Some cooler weather was blowing in, and I had been  at a neighbor’s hanging out. Headed back to the sheddycabin, and the best rainstorm ever hit. With the RV next to the cabin and the awning out, I was able to sit and relax in the rain – perfectly dry, able to go into the RV, sit in my rocker in the cabin … the little backyard was my oyster.

100_0760While the rain was coming down and I had the big double cabin doors open, I realized it would be tons of fun to play the piano. (The piano is in the cabin.) Totally blast some Hayden Piano Sonata in D Major out into the Northern Adirondacks. I followed that up with the Beethoven La Molinara Variations, and a piece of my own. Awesome. The piano music in concert with the rain, wind blowing through the shed, and the smell of fresh rain. Awesome.

A friend heard me playing and came over for a while. I finished up my practicing while said friend listened (it still amazes me that people like to sit and listen to me play), and we chatted for a while after. Gotta tell ya – with the house almost down, the side yard cleaned up, sitting on my very own land, the coop and run built, a night as nice as that … I’d be hard pressed to think I was anywhere other than paradise.



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6 responses to “Awesome Adirondack Evenings

  1. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? How about a video of your piano playing so we can listen too. That’d be fantastic!

  2. I wish you were my neighbor! I would’ve been requesting songs! 🙂

  3. Barbara

    Sounds wonderful.

  4. Phill, I am so sorry about things but so happy you got a paradise to retreat to.

  5. Sounds perfect and I’ll bet the “sounds” (of the piano) were perfect too!

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