One Brick at a Time

Actually, they all came down at once.

While there was briefly a plan to take the compromised chim down “one brick at a time,” we thought better of it. Regular readers probably know that we moved the RV out of the way, so we’d be able to simply pull it down. Be sure to watch for the ground shaking when the chunk hits the ground in the second section of the vid! Thar she blows!



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3 responses to “One Brick at a Time

  1. Calista

    ZOMG YOU KILLED THE CHIMBLEY! Were you scared? I would have been mighty nervous myself…

  2. One of the nice things about coming home from each camping trip is to see what you have accomplished each week. Sure hope you are taking time to enjoy life, too!

  3. Wow! You made that LOOK easy! I know it was a challenge to get to that point, however! Good job!

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