There’s Good News …

And there’s bad news. Unfortunately, it’s mostly bad.

I’ve had to tear up the vegetable garden. There’s no way around it. Regular readers are familiar with the fact that it’s a bit of a jigsaw puzzle around here with the teardown, the garden, the RV. We’ve discovered that the chimney has cracks, and looks like it’s twisting a little. Even building a barrier, if we were to take it down with the RV so close, something would certainly go wrong. So, the RV has to be moved. The only way to get a truck and hitch in to move the RV is to take down the vegetable garden.

The herbs have been hung to dry. I got a few carrots for dinner tonight. I’ll transplant a few of the tomatoes and zukes. The soil from the garden can be moved to level out the chicken run – I wanted to do that anyway, and didn’t have any extra fill. One does what one must, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I can’t find anyone to move the RV. The RV lots are prohibitively expensive (hundreds and hundreds). I put an ad on Craigslist and the local tow guy is coming to see if he has the correct hitch tonight. In the time being, I have a 15 foot junk wood pile in the way of a truck even getting in here. And the electric company has not called me back to schedule putting in the pole. Hope they don’t just show up unannounced.

Not a good day.



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4 responses to “There’s Good News …

  1. hideawayhill

    I’m sorry about the garden. I know that must be disappointing. Good thing the farmers’ markets are going all over. Btw, Windovers deals with chicks. Just a thought.

  2. Akkk!!! Gardens seem to be on the doomed side this year, at least around these parts. I had to tear out most of my beloved tomato plants because of the dredded Late Blight going around this year. However my weeds are doing quite nicely! Good luck to you my friend.

  3. Drats! Sorry to hear you have to move your garden! I guess on the bright side you at least got some tomatoes and zukes. My garden did terrible this year, only the herbs made it.

  4. I am very bummed for you that you had to rip out your garden. That just stinks!! I’m sorry. 😦 Hope you found someone to tow the RV!

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