I am the Egg Man

They are the egg men.
I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob.

000_1614Further progress on the Chicken Ranch – just a few tweaks left. The door, mainly. And a few patches. And some plexiglass. It’s awesome! Now I have to begin making space for a chicken yard around it. A chicken rancher’s work is never done.

I wouldn’t say I would do things differently. However, working with super-tough 100 year old vintage roughcut board has its drawbacks. Tough stuff. I may be finished with it in a day or two, which is what I wanted. (Actually, I wanted to be done by last Saturday, but clearly, that didn’t happen.) Anyhow, she’s all closed in, except for the door.

000_1616The interior of this comfortable, spacious chicken chalet is made from 100-year-old vintage pine. The living area features luxury nesting boxes for four, a huge (by chicken standards) window facing the Southwest, upgraded perches for six, and an extra egg door on the North side. Nesting boxes feature a terrific view of the wattle fence and gardens. Truly a luxury poulet pied-à-terre. Don’t let this terrific deal get away! Room and board is free in exchange for eggs.

I started the fence for the run on Sunday night – wood with poultry wire attached. Almost done. Sorta looks neat. Matches the hen house. Now all I need is a door and some chickens. I’ll visit the feed store to find some local leads Monday eve!




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6 responses to “I am the Egg Man

  1. adktricollie

    I must say you have lots of projects keeping you busy! Nice job.

    P.S. I like my omelette with swiss & mushrooms!

  2. I thought of Craigslist, but I’m pretty particular about the breeds I want/will take. Planning on giving it a look when it comes time, but I’ll likely end up checking with Tucker and some other locals.

  3. Nice little coop! Your chickens will be living in style.

    About roughcut, old oak: you might already know this, but putting your nails into a bar of soap before you use them . The soap coats the nail to provide a slick surface that penetrates the old wood more easily–less bent nails.

    Of course, you know the difference between a carpenter and a farmer–a farmer can use bent nails.

  4. hideawayhill

    It looks great! There’s nothing like that old weathered wood!

  5. I’d love to move in there myself but i am afraid my eggs may not be as good as they used to be!

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