Lo, How a Zuke E’er Blooming

It’s a happy, tidy day. There are no longer house-sized chunks of roof and wall sitting on top of the wrecked house. Just a nice clean line, all the way around the second story floor. (Word has it, if you pass by about 5pm, we might be sitting up on the open second floor, having drinks and waving to cars. But you didn’t hear it from me.)

Oh, did I mention? There was an attack here this week! A Mac attack! Don’t worry, she’s friendly, and she came bearing a small child and ice cream. Thanks, Mac! I was over at the neighbor’s, when a friendly-looking baby-mobile pulled into my driveway. I thought, “Oh, jeez. Not again. Someone else has come asking for free wood, or siding, or copper.” Nope. It was The Mac! Can we convince her to start posting at her blog again? I think so. Leave a comment over that way, wouldja?

Besides the tidy teardown, my vegetable garden is still immaculate – no weeds! Happiness! And the zukes are blooming! Won’t be too long now. Mmmmm. I love zukes. Zukes with dip. Zuke bread. Zukes sauteed. Zuke anything.


The Chicken house is nearly done, and it is gorgeous! Pics and details coming tomorrow. First thing I built entirely out of salvage. Awesome.



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4 responses to “Lo, How a Zuke E’er Blooming

  1. Looking forward to seeing how the chicken house turned out! My zucchini plants didn’t make it this year unfortunately so it looks like I will be hitting the farmers market!

  2. themac

    Wait for a moment here – I bring you cake and then get linked?? Is this all it takes? 🙂

    I’m proud of your chicken coop!

  3. hey, you must be feeling better. good. I’d like to see you sitting up there and waving a wine glass to the traffic! 🙂

  4. Thanks Phill, got a email from you know about the purple thing and the call to you. It means alot to me how you handled it. Hugs my friend.

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