Topsy Turvy

You know that feeling when you have a cold or a virus coming on?

That realization that nothing is going to go right for you? That was yesterday – woke up sick. In the course of a morning, I nicked the circular saw cord, accidentally pulled the chain off the chain saw, accidentally bought a book I didn’t know I already had, and lost the saw plate off the sawzall. I decided it was time to go inside, convalesce, and keep my hands off saws. Such a weird feeling, the second story of the house being in pieces upside-down-and-whichway. The title of the movie I watched while resting works nicely with the theme too … Topsy Turvy.

This morning goes much better. Remember all those huge chunks of roof and second floor that were left on the top of the house? They’re now planted on terra-firma. Oh, sure … I have video!



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5 responses to “Topsy Turvy

  1. themac

    GREAT – NOW you tell me you’re ill. ok, you get the sick toddler šŸ™‚

    Lookin’ great!! I can’t believe you’re still cranking right along, illness or not.

  2. I am loving these videos! You guys are doing awesome taking down the house!!

  3. The music was perfect in this video!!

  4. Anonymous

    I love that you can do video!! looks a little scary and like a lot of work. BE CAREFUL.

  5. hope you are feeling better,… I hadn’t heard from you about this next week,… we’ll put it off until maybe the week after? I’ll email.

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