Demo Play-by-Play Number Two

Project number one this weekend was to bring down the 40′ antenna tower left by the previous owner. (Don’t ask). Project number two was to get two of three roof sections down. The plan was basically to loosen both and pull them down with the tractor. The tower came down easily … thanks to the fact that wasn’t in concrete – just bolted to the house at the top. Came right down. Plop.

The roof? That’s another matter. No dice. We’ve been chopping it into smaller sections to more easily pull/push it down. Should see some progress by Monday evening. As for the antenna – Today’s play-by-play comes to you in video format. Enjoy!



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3 responses to “Demo Play-by-Play Number Two

  1. Have you had time to take the canoe out lately? Hope you guys are having time for a little fun.

  2. good work. guess it was a leftover from the cb radio craze of the 70s and early 80s.

  3. Oh how you crack me up!

    And it was probably that tall because it was the only way they could get the smiling Tom report out of Plattsburgh. The reception in the tri-lakes area is iffy at best!

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