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Know what this is? Maybe the entrance to a long-forgotten cave? An irrigation canal? The approach to an ancient ruin? The road leading to an underground city? Something you might find in an Indiana Jones film?


Nope. It’s a close-up of our new electrical service trench. The new service is going in this week! That’s right folks – soon, the roar of the generator will be no more, and we will be able to plug in whatever we want, no matter how much power it uses! (As the temps here start to drop into the 30s, an electric blanket comes to mind.) The new pole went in last week, our crack electrician dug the trench today, and the service pedestal is going in tomorrow. We’ll likely be hooked up by Friday. Our electrician is an awesome guy, and does super work. And he’s neat too. Pretty tidy trench, no? Look at that sodl!




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My Town






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Go!ng W!ld

Know anything about Adirondack Natural History?

I do. Thanks to The Wild Center. We took a trip over to this gem of a small museum in Tupper Lake weekend before last, and it is pretty awesome. And I might add, the best gift shop in the Adirondacks, for my money. How lucky we are here in the Adirondacks, to have this awesome place and The Adirondack Museum right in our midst. Friends, I’m a total Museum Person, and I lived in NYC for twenty years. I’ve seen the-best-of-the-best museum-wise, and these two places totally rank.

If a picture paints a thousand words, here’s six-thousand.








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Nobody Here But Us Chickens

Stupid chickens.

The chickens haven’t even arrived yet, and I keep working on their little Chicken Ranch as if it were a palace waiting for a royal family. We’re waiting to populate the place until things calm down here a little bit. Good for the chickens, I suppose. The longer their little estate sits here, the more work I do on it, and the fancier it gets.

The latest installment – I remembered I had a pile of broken terracotta from the chimney sitting around, and I needed to line the bottom walls of the pen with something. Their chicken yard now features a terracotta border, and is coming pretty close to looking like someone’s fancy garden. And their are solar lights and a small panel on the roof of the coop!


And hey, by the way – Thanks for being here. I honestly had no idea that my little “slice-of-life” blog would be, well … much of anything. But we’re at about 25,000 visitors since I started here in March, and that’s pretty neat. Thanks! Visit often, and comment much – I love it when we get a dialogue going, and I’ve met some pretty awesome friends and neighbors here. It’s a great day at The Pines, and you have a great day too!


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Am I That Predictable?

Did you totally know I would have a terrific first day back home and follow up with a totally positive post?


It goes well, folks. Very well. Yesterday was a awesome day. To merely say that I was happy to be home among the farms and hills of my beloved Franklin County is a gross understatement. So let’s not dwell on the weekend. Whatta ya say? I’ll leave it at this – We have a hole to dig out of, but it’s not as financially disastrous as we thought. We have two cars to fix, and we charged a ton of hotels, food, and gas, but it’s not a total  disaster. More to the point of today’s post, let me play-by-play my Glorious Monday for you.

  • 7am In the morning light – the house is almost gone! Seriously!
  • 9am We discover we do still have a considerable amount of ready cash.
  • 11am A very good friend we haven’t seen in a year stops by – very sweet.
  • 12pm Two different folks over at the store tell me how nice it’s looking.
  • 2pm I learn that an acquaintance does exhaust work (Jeep) real cheap.
  • 3pm Got a plan together to lose the huge lumber piles I was worrying over.
  • 4pm The electrician comes by – our service is going in late this week!
  • 5pm Beers with the neighbors – kindness and commiseration.
  • 6pm We look at the credit card statement – it’s really not that bad.
  • 7pm Ordered a dumpster to get rid of the final piles of house trash!

And that, my friends, is the kind of day you want to have when you’ve just stepped out of a weekend’s worth of bad luck and misery. Now, I have to get to filling that last dumpster. You have a great day too!


It’s a mess, but the beast is gone. There used to be a house there!
Starting to look like our property actually has some promise!


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Epic Post Pending

I tell ya folks, the last four days could easily qualify as a movie or a book as Cedar says. If I were going to classify this new film, I’d say it would probably be a thriller. (I figure that’s what a movie is when you avert disaster several times.) Suffice it to say, I am cleaning up the RV today, and starting the damage control. Wish I had time to make a movie! Ha!

Anyhow. Believe me … it got worse. Not disaster worse, but plenty of “You are going to be tested every single minute until you get home and pull into your crappy driveway” worse. Fear-and-loathing-on-the-highway worse. “Are we going to make it home in one piece?” worse.

But we’re home. Much poorer. Plenty shaken. But home is home, and it feels awfully good, humble as it is.

Epic post coming soon. And it’s going to be a doozy.


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Transmission Not Received

Didja ever have one of those days?

One of those days during which you are sure that in addition to losing your sense of humor, you may just flee into the night? That’s not just yesterday – it’s this whole weekend. Seriously. However, since the place I would run away to is our RV in the Adirondacks, I suppose I might as well just stay on task.

Thursday – We head way-South to meet Southern Mechanic that fixed our Jeep, so we can give him his van back. In The Bronx (of all places), the transmission on the van goes. I am at a relative’s house with the dog, partner is stuck on on the Bronx River Parkway. Cops. Smoke. Expensive tow truck. Garage in which no one speaks English. (I’m not kidding.) I get The Call.  I throw up. (It’s what I do.) We decide to bring the car back to the relative’s house, because we can at least put it in the driveway behind a tall fence in a decent neighborhood.

Meanwhile, the Jeep is still in Southern Mechanic’s posession. He is irritated. He is no help. At all. In desperation (I suppose), he tries to sell us the van for $1400 plus the repair bill, which will likely be another $1500. (Not an option.) However, we do feel that it is our responsibility to fix the van, since it was in our posession. Southern Mechanic acts like we are going to screw him. He does the whole, “Well, I hope I can trust you,” thing. As if we’re not being completely stand-up by paying a few thousand bucks to replace the entire transmission on his stupid van. I can swallow a lot of things, but being assumed dishonest is not one of them. Especially when I have proven myself otherwise.

We rent a car from Newark Airport. The one tiny piece of luck in all of this is that we have a free rental day. However, with a hefty repair bill for a van that is not ours pending, and a van owner acting like he’s getting the short end of the stick, well … ya know.

In the light of Friday at the relative’s home, I’ve realized a few things though. Stuck down here in the city, even with cable, normal electricity, coffee with Regis and Kelly, water pressure, and reliable internet …  I want to go home. Bad.

Home to the Adirondacks.


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