It’s Just a Piddly Squatin Old Time Country Place

There really is a roundabout point to the title. Stay with me here.

CoopEver see that musical The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas? Love it – and the stage-to-film adaptation is pretty good. The title is a lyric from the opening number. Here at The Pines, besides actually being a just a piddly squatin old time country place, yesterday we had a few hours left over, and we started building my little Chicken House. No worries – I’m not planning on opening a brothel on the property. However, I know myself well; and I know when I see chickens at the County Fair, I’ll end up bringing a few home.

000_1527Yesterday morning, I quick drew up a plan for a three or four hen condo (based on lots of research over time), and when we found we had some time at the end of the day, we started framing the poulet pied-à-terre. I’ve already made a few changes – swapped the human sized door to the tall side (duh) and put the window in a different place. I’ll have two nesting boxes and a perch inside, and we’ll open it up each morning, door leading to their little pecking yard. Once we’re done with the framing and siding, we’ll caulk it draft-free, and I’ll be all set. Bubbler in the waterer, and we’re ready for a few new family members.

The neat part? Free. Entirely salvage. Even the window is salvage from the house. (I admit, I did pick up a few hinges from the hardware store last night.) Even have some shingles for the roof. So, what? Maybe … a week and a half to a few Rhode Island Reds? Sounds about right.

And I promise to name one of them after the Proprietress of the film-version Chicken Ranch … Miss Mona.



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5 responses to “It’s Just a Piddly Squatin Old Time Country Place

  1. I never knew our house in Wilmington was once a poulet pied-à-terre. It sounds ever so much better than when we told people it started as a henhouse.

  2. Love the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas references. *grin* We haven’t had chickens here, though we’ve talked about it a few times. You’re right; there has to be a Miss Mona. 😉

  3. Ahhh…. and think of the fresh eggs for omlets and custard! I was very partial to our White Leghorn when I was a teenager,.. even named her Sunshine.

  4. You are going to have a awesome whorehouse! LOL Can’t wait to see pictures when you get your hens.

  5. Neat! Think about putting a little trap door in the floor under the roost for easy cleanout–you cna push the wheelbarrow under and just shove the bedding/poop into it. that is, if your henhouse is far enough off the ground. I read that trick in Small Stock Journal years ago, I think, and it has worked well for us.

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