Demo Play-by-Play Number One

Interesting. Very interesting.

Our back storage room/shed/whatever is now gone, and turns out it was built out of someone’s barn salvage years and years ago. Most of the uprights and joists were old barn beams, pegs still in place and just sawed off and the ends. I didn’t save much – lots of rot. However, I did manage to snare a few feet of an old hitching post. More on the treasures later. Time being, seems like we’re due for a play-by-play.








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7 responses to “Demo Play-by-Play Number One

  1. adktricollie

    You do have your work cut of for you! It’s nice that you are trying to salvage what you can. If I was just a little bit closer, I would bring you over a nice boxed lunch & a cold one!

  2. Yep, lotsa work. But, once the roof is off, we’re going to make sort order of the walls with a couple of well-placed saw cuts, a cable, and the neighbor’s tractor!

  3. themac

    I like that there was a fire extinguisher in that little room. Amazing – just amazing work in one day. Great job!!!!

  4. slow and steady, my friend, you’ll get the job done. Definitely progress!

  5. Congratulations! And I’m impressed that you remembered to take the “before” shots. We usually just dive into whatever project it is, and then have no before shots.

    Two weeks + until our Adirondack tour!

  6. LOVE that door. I hope you were able to save that.

  7. Oh, what a job! Your plate is full. Are you going to save the door? Is there wall paper on the walls? Good luck and be safe. blessings,Kathleen

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