And the Walls Came a-Tumblin’ Down

It’s come at last. The day you knew would come at last has come at last.

000_1476This morning, we started tearing the house down. We’re still waiting for electric service (bureaucracy reigns), but in the time being, there’s nothing quite as nice as a helpful neighbor, a teardown friend, and a long extension cord. Sawzalls ablaze! We’re starting with this back shed/storage room. It’ll give us a lot more outside space, and it’ll come down pretty easily.

000_1478Funny how things develop in your head – I was thinking, “Well, I might as well get the dumpster and do come pre-rip tossing. Doesn’t cost any more for it to sit there.” And then I thought we might as well run an extension cord and take the back room off. And then I thought we might as well start on the roof, long as we have the temp power. It became obvious that I needed to get a hold of my awesome friend who is going to be doing a lot of the work. I put the word out at the town store, and said friend was here within a few hours. (I love small towns!)

There’s nothing that can quite match the promise of an empty dumpster, is there?



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5 responses to “And the Walls Came a-Tumblin’ Down

  1. Oh, fun! The demolition. If I show up with a big ol’ hammer, can I help?

  2. You getcher self on up here and start rippin’, Suzette!

  3. themac

    WOO HOO!!! Fillin’ a dumpster – what fun!

    “Fun” as in being able to slam a sledgehammer into the structure – and not getting in trouble for it. Ummm, I didn’t see the smoke signals so I didn’t know you started already.

    What is National Greed waiting for?

  4. themac

    wait wait wait – I just saw your tweet — AMAZING!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    love the title reference to john couger song!!! you must be thrilled to get going on this project.

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