Fish and Game(s)

It’s going to a be a big week, but the weekend was relatively quiet.

I helped a neighbor get some siding up, worked at the store a few nights. In the leisure department, I bought a couple of bags of dirt (to me, that counts as leisure), and we went over to the Fish & Game Club’s Flea Market in Saranac Lake. Some tools, a decent Native American booth, but mostly garage-saley type booths and junk stands. But, I was happy for those!

000_1472You know those things you had as a kid – toys or household items you wish you still had? The sort of thing you remember fondly and spend your adulthood trying to find a replacement for. I found one! I had just been thinking, “I wish I had a croquet set.” But not one of the new ones. I wanted an old wooden one, complete with bent wickets. Found one! For ten bucks!

Now, if I just had a little more yard …



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3 responses to “Fish and Game(s)

  1. If you want to be a gentleman farmer you should employ the word “soil” instead of dirt. A farmer room mate of mine once told me that dirt is something you get on you and that soil is what you cultivate plants in.

  2. Heh.

    What if you smear the stuff on your body and then roll in seeds?

    Like an Adirondack-Chia-man.

  3. Aw man, I love the croquet set. You scored a real deal there, my friend. We used to play for hours, didn’t really know the rules but who cared?

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