Pushing the Season

Meet my new friend, Alice. Alice Chalmers.

Yeah, the rigmarole and turtle pace of the electric company have delayed the house tear-down to the point where I’m already starting to prepare for winter. Don’t fret – There’s still a good chance we can get it down before serious freezing weather comes. Meanwhile, I’m starting to prepare for the cold. I mean, it’s July already … this is the Adirondacks!

000_1462In the midst of these chilly thoughts, I met Alice. She’s an eight horse snow blower, and a friend down the street was selling her. He’s moving South, and won’t have much need for a beast of a snow blower. Starts right up, two gears plus reverse, a nice strong pull when she’s moving, and everything looks in pretty good shape. The (horror movie-esque) auger/blades looked to be a little slow. Seemed like the belt might be slipping. Opened up the case, and the belt was indeed the culprit. No matter – I know where to get a belt.

So when the neighbor came down to the store saying he had an excellent brand monster blower in good shape for a hundred bucks, I said, “Yep. I’ll take it.”

000_1463I have to admit – Being certified lunatics, we are actually looking forward to our first Adirondack Winter. And not in a namby-pamby, couple-of-fools way. We have a bit of the adventurer in us. (And besides, if we start to go all cryogenic, we have close friends on both sides of us … close friends with bigger furnaces than ours!) So, we’re pretty excited. And besides, I now am the proud owner of a beast-of-a-snowblower.

And I’m not afraid to use it!



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7 responses to “Pushing the Season

  1. I’m gonna admit something.

    I have never operated a power lawn mower or snow blower, ever. As a kid in Los Angeles, we always had a gardener. (Mr. Lee for a dozen years – he was like my Mr. Miyagi).

    I now use a push-mower and say it is cuz of “the environment”, but really I’m scared of moving blades.

    That’s a serious machine you got there, not something available at the local big-box. Have fun with that, and be careful!

  2. Got a manual? I’ve been looking up camera info for hours and went crazy and looked up your beast…
    What year is it? Probably wayyyyyy better construction back then!

  3. Peggy

    Now you have me drooling! You know how much I love snow and here you got a great toy to play too. Like I said before. You guys are having way too much fun homesteading. LOL

  4. hee hee…. we’ll talk around March 15th 2010 and see how you feel then. Seriously, I love our four seasons. Except when I have to pay mucho bucks to get the house roof shoveled off. You’ve got the war half won with that machine. good for you,.. but i have to echo TourPro’s comment about “be careful!”

  5. lilly

    We sold our great blowing machine when we sold our double wide and went to apt. dwelling and I hope I never have to own one of those wonderful machines agaian. It about caused me to have a heart attack so many times when a snow ball went bouncing in front of it and the kid behind the snow ball followed too closely. I think the Lord was tired of hearing my prayers. lilly

  6. If you need help on the tear down, let me know. I would love to help demolish a house.

  7. Aahhhhh, preparing for winter in July; isn’t that some sort of blasphemy?


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