Tomatoes and Two-by-Fours

Ideas generally come to me quite easily.

Except when I try to force my mortal schedule on them. I was thinking this morning that good ideas are a great deal like the sprouts of my new grass seed – I may stare at the underground seedlings every morning, trying to will them into being; but they generally insist on popping up here and there when I’m not looking.

2320371900083440370JjtLxv_fsEver mull something over for years? For three years, I have been trying to come up with an idea for my own little local Adirondack business. I’m pretty saavy when it comes to knowing what feels and is right. In those three years, a lot of half-decent ideas have gone by the roadside. Literally. I’d been thinking of putting a little shop at the edge of our road.

I do pretty well in Winter with my knitting shop on Etsy, but my prices wouldn’t fly here in the village. Piano lessons? That’s a better idea, since I have a “studio” in the cabin already. But really, I’m not crazy about teaching piano. And then, I was in the store the other night. Someone came in looking for green peppers. And then someone came in looking for tomatoes. Yep. I finally had the correct idea – roadside vegetable stand.

fruit standAnd imagine this – other than inventory, I can set it up for nearly nothing. Just the price of a county tax certificate. I have a nice, large, flat spot right next to the road, perfectly visible. I have a 20 ft curb cut next to it, I have space to make a few parking spaces, and we have pull-overs besides. I am on the major road. I can build the thing myself with all my free, good lumber. I have tons of wood siding. I will have eggs from next year’s hens, and there are no NY State restrictions. And … there is nowhere around here to get vegetables and fresh eggs. I’m thinking of something like the stand pictured, but smaller – 10 x 14 or so.

PA Lancaster County Roadside Stand

But you see, now I have another idea conundrum. I need a name. I like the sort of plain, no-nonsense names that many of the smaller-village businesses around here have taken. I was thinking of simply, The Lean-To, but I am quite sure someone else is already running a biz in our county by that name. Maybe The Salad Shack? Nah. I don’t really like that. Something with Greens or Farm in the title? Hmmm.




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12 responses to “Tomatoes and Two-by-Fours

  1. adktricollie

    “ADK Fruits Of Our Labor Farm Stand”

  2. I’m actually thinking about maybe just the work “Greens” painted on the side. Simple, to the point. Figure I can go from May to September without issue.

  3. I love your idea of having a roadside stand! I was thinking about all the fruit / vegetable stands that I pass and what their names are – mostly just their last name with market added to it. Let us know what you decide. I think incorporating something in the area to your name would be neat.

  4. Come to think of it, I could incorporate my last name by just using “Green’s!”

  5. themac

    Be careful – Green’s Market left SL years ago but the building is stilled called “Green’s”. (I know this since I used to live there.)

    My idea to you: FIND a sign – something rustic and *BAM* you’ve got signage AND the store name. Doesn’t that man across the street have old signs? Too bad the Gold Mine isn’t there anymore. Orville would have something for you.

  6. Hmm. True. He doesn’t have any signs over there right now, but I could ask him to look out for them. Denny or Linda maybe. I’ll have to look into if “The Shack” is taken w/the county. I kind of like that too.

  7. Having a background in marketing I’ll offer a few suggestions. Right now you’re thinking of offering garden produce and eggs. But think about what you may be selling in the future. Honey perhaps? Maybe some home made cheese or pies? Homemade bread? Jams, jellies, pickles, relish. Freezer meat? Fresh milk? Crafts? If you pick a name such as Salad Shack you’ve limited the prospective customer from telling what you’re all about. As boring as Somebody’s (insert whatever name here) Farm Stand or Whosit’s Country Store may be it would adequately describe your business no matter what you may decide to offer in the future. Keep brainstorming, you’ll come up with something that is not only catchy but tells folks just what you sell. Just my opinion.

  8. Pamela

    Small Pines Country Store?

  9. Kat

    Small Pines Farm Market?

  10. Amy

    I like Small Pines Country Store or Small Pines Farm Market. I agree with Sandy and her thinking.

  11. I’m back! I like the others suggestions above by incorporating the name Small Pines!

  12. Love the idea! I always wanted a roadside stand, though my thoughts went more to flowers than produce.

    I agree with the group about incorporating Small Pines in the name.

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