What’s Growing at The Pines

We had an awesome Adirondack Tweetup/Meetup last night at High Peaks Resort, sponsored by (via my new friend, B) Whiteface Mountain. It was so cool! Anyhow. More on that later.

Meanwhile, it’s another dishwater day here – Lots of things piling up and nowhere to post them! The theme for my errant photos today is – What’s Growin’. Ten points if you can name all the plants! Other than that, the only thing I need to tell you is that this first photo is one of my favorites. Actually makes it look decent around here! You have a great day too.







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3 responses to “What’s Growing at The Pines

  1. “More on that later.” he says. I come here this morning dying to hear about the Tweetup Meetup and I get “more on that later”. Niiiiiiice. Ok fine, keep us all in suspense a little longer. Alright, I have two guesses for the plants – tiger lily and hosta… I like that first pic – looks like it was taken from a little forest grotto or something…

  2. Did you know you can eat the daylilies? You can–just trim the stem as much as you can, dip in egg batter and fry. I used to use them as a substitute for eggplant in eggplant parmesan. Not quite the same, but close. I’ve also separated the petals, dipped them individually in the batter, fried, drained and then served with salsa. Yum! This is my favorite way to eat them.

  3. What a great evening we had! And I’ll join in the special “thank you” to Whiteface Mountain for the sponsorship. My grandson is an avid skier with the youth commission and loves Whiteface!

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