Bloggers & Tweeters Unite!


Okay Adirondack Bloggers, Twitterers, and Friends, let’s roll this thing ADK style. I’ve been talking to Tour Pro at Adirondack Base Camp and Bill at High Peaks Resort about organizing a Tweet-Up/Adirondack Blogger Meet-up. In fact, we’ve got one planned.

How does this sound for cool? A TweetUp/MeetUp outdoors, overlooking Mirror Lake, on the deck at Reflections at High Peaks Resort! It’s a gorgeous spot, and we hope that by holding the event in centrally located Lake Placid, we’ll be able to gather many tweeters and bloggers from all sides. Please do come hang out with us- it’s going to be awesome.

Here’s something even more awesome – Whiteface Mountain – @SkiWhiteface at Twitter – has come on board as the sponsor of the event! Thanks, Whiteface! Hope you’re able to visit with us! We’d love to have as many friends as possible. Although no RSVP is required, you can leave a comment here and we’ll know to expect you. Please do pass the word far and wide – you’re more than welcome to copy over this blog post. (That’s a hint.)

The Great Adirondack Meet-up/Tweet-up
Thursday, July 16, 2009 from 5pm to 7pm
High Peaks Resort, 2384 Saranac Ave (at the corner of Main Street)
Lake Placid, New York
The bar will be available, food can be ordered from the menu



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6 responses to “Bloggers & Tweeters Unite!

  1. Directions: High Peaks Resort – Lake Placid NY

    Let’s all join hands and do a quick Rain-dance!

  2. Oh I WISH I could make it, but hopefully it will be such a smashing success that this will be the first of many meetups and I’ll have another chance to come hang with y’all! The place looks beautiful! I hope you’ll console those of us that can’t make it with a full recap of all the fun you had…

  3. Someone better damn well be drinking a cocktail for me.

  4. You know I will, G’Mom!

  5. I’ll be there,… looking forward to meeting folks! Wonder what we’ll all be blogging about tomorrow?

  6. Sorry I couldn’t make it! When is the next one?

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