Mister Twiggy Hands

There’s one decent section of our property that I have zoned as construction free.

000_1399No scrap wood piles will be put there, no dumpsters will be rolled over it, and the plants are to be protected from the house tear-down at all costs. It’s far enough in back and to the side of the house that we can keep it clean with minimal effort. Originally, the neighbors thought I was nuts – planting grass, building beds, and tending plants. But now they get it. It’s a nice little corner – a place that can remain nice no matter how messy the demolition gets. This area was originally a Tag Alder tangle thirty feet deep. Over the course of a few years of vacations and this Summer’s efforts, we’re finally on the way to having a neat little Alpine garden. The “good” trees are growing nicely, the birds love it, and the carriage sure doesn’t hurt. 

000_1408I spent most of my lazy (seemingly) Autumn yesterday working on the planting bed, and well … that walk to the post office must have really gotten that Fall feeling in my bones. When I returned, I made a twig scarecrow. I had wanted to do this for a while, and I got to thinking that I want a family of them up on the little hillock for Halloween. So, I figured that if I make one every so often, I’ll be all set. (His name is Mister Twiggy Hands, by the way.) 

In case you’re interested – Take a small log, whittle of the bark for the head area. Cut off and save a piece of your log for the hat. (You could really do some cool hats by finding freaky shaped logs.) His nose is the stub of a small branch, and his eyes are just little 1/2 inch snips of small branches, tacked on with finishing nails. I put the arms of with screws. The tie and hat brim I snipped out of tin. I drilled a short hole in the hat, brim, and head to attach the hat with a small branch (or you could use a dowel). I’d say I made him beginning to end in about an hour.

Happy whittlin’!




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7 responses to “Mister Twiggy Hands

  1. AdkTriCollie (Marie)

    Love Mr. Twiggy Hands but I think you should put him on a sled! Last year we had snow for Halloween & at this rate, we could have snow for Labor Day!

  2. This is a wonderful idea! I love Mr. Twiggy Hands. I have a couple of places where folk like him would really work. Thanks!


  3. Now that is very cool. I want to try that. thanks for sharing!

  4. Cute,.. I think the idea of several by Halloween will be fun.

  5. Building on AdkTriCollie (Marie)’s idea, you could incorporate a team of twig dogs pulling the sled- if Rufus will model for you.

    Love Mr. Twiggy Hands.

  6. I love Mr. Twiggy Hands. And the Alpine Garden ain’t bad, either! Glad this is all working out so nicely for you!

  7. Good grief, don’t say the A word yet!

    Very cute Mr. Twiggy Hands.


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