You Know You Live in the Adirondacks When …

  1. One of the things you always bring to a party is bug spray.
  2. You have an running “going to Plattsburgh” list.
  3. Semi-formal means flannel and denim, but no Crocs.
  4. You smell like wood smoke more than two nights a week.
  5. You have attended a wedding that was mostly catered by Ted’s Mall.
  6. More than one house in your neighborhood is decorated in housewrap.
  7. You refer to businesses by the owner’s name, not the business name.
  8. You don’t go out on Friday – that’s when the Schwann’s truck comes.
  9. Your heating season lasts to July.
  10. You know more than one person that lives in a camper.



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13 responses to “You Know You Live in the Adirondacks When …

  1. Amy

    We just bought a parcel of land in Upper Jay, NY. It has been a dream of ours to build a little cabin up there. We used to live in Peru, NY for a few years and I appreciate this post!

  2. themac

    You forgot:

    #11. You change your clothing a min of 3 times a day from shorts, to pants, to snowsuit.
    #12. You all travel with your snow brush in your car because you never know when it’ll snow!
    #13. You’re not sure if the name of the road, but if you turn left, take your 3rd right and it’s about 2 miles down that road…

    #7 is completely true!!!

  3. Funny list! Some of these are very simliar to being in Northern Michigan – especially the bug spray and flannel shirt part!

  4. Gasp. I’m looking at that picture & guessing that it is all worth it. That is so beautiful.

  5. Believe it or not, that pic was taken right off the top of the little bridge in Wilmington, roadside!

  6. Anonymous

    great list! and the you have really assimilated into the “culture” haven’t you.

  7. lilly

    Really enjoyed reading about living in the mnountains and it is really true wood smoke is almost like a condiment. You have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and later it is also available if you are having a beer and chips for a snack, lilly

  8. peggy

    will give you new number tomorrow. got lots to catch you up on.

  9. OMG that was hilarious!! Seems like it’s taking you no time at all to get things figured out and fit right in! 😀

  10. Jean

    #14 You don’t put away the flannel shirts/sweatshirts/fleece tops for the summer. 🙂

  11. hahahahahahahaaa! *snort* #2, 6, 7 especially!

  12. I miss living next to that river. We’d walk over the little bridge to go to the library for story time with Shea.

    Folks in PA wonder why I still keep a snowbrush in my car in August. Habit, I suppose. It’s a hard habit to break.

  13. LOL, we JUST put a small addition on our place in order to accommodate a wood stove, you know, for winter…

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