A Little Off the Side

I’ve been taking the aluminum siding off our old beast of a house.

100_1225Plans for electric service are only moderately behind schedule, and the building inspector called me back about getting a demo permit. So it seems, things are working out nicely, if a hair behind the original time line. Seems like we’ll be able to start taking the old thing down in a week or more. Ergo, it became time to free the poor old thing from its aluminum shell. Photos are the original wood siding – underneath the aluminum.

100_1240Honestly, I don’t get the whole tin siding thing. It’s usually awful for the house – as it ages and goes to seed, things bend here and there, and it starts to act like a tin channel – bringing water directly into the house instead of keeping water out. The aluminum siding was responsible for a lot of the damage to our old place. Ah, well. A building materials fad, I suppose. Curiously, I enjoy taking the siding off. Appeals to my sense of order, and you never know what you might find. I happened upon this weird old locksmith tool (or something) marked Schlage between two clapboards.

100_1237In the salvage department, it’s become obvious I’m going to have loads of good condition 100-something year old building materials to sell or keep. It’s a happy by-product of taking the house down by hand, rather than bulldozing it. The whole two-story house is clad in that thick original wood siding – all solid and no rot. We’ll have a house-worth of old roughcut lumber and 2x4s, and several long-length huge rough cut beams from the two floors. Not to mention more than a few tons (literally) of big foundations stones.

Hmmm. Makes one think about building with vintage materials, doesn’t it? Maybe not. Or maybe. Even if we don’t build a new house largely from salvage, I’ll have plenty of materials to sell and to build outbuildings.



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3 responses to “A Little Off the Side

  1. I love your blog, thanks for coming by and letting me know you are reading me..I am bookmarking you., and I am looking forward to getting to know you

  2. Absolutely wonderful building supplies! While you might not want to build your entire house with them, you could certainly use them in various ways. We used old tongue and groove for ceilings, old beams inside as supports, etc. Old windows make great cabinet doors. And the stone is worth $$$. People want them for gardens, walls, etc. Although if I were you, I’d keep the stone–maybe use it to build a root cellar. We moved an old stone cellar to our place, and it is so awesome.

    Love this post–you know I’m into old stuff and that old tool is really neat.

  3. Gotta love the 100 year old salvage stuff; feeds the imagination and creative streak in us! Lucky you.

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